My Autobiography

It all started back in 1985.

Sometimes I remember random little stories or just a smattering of details from my childhood, or I’ll be cleaning and unearth an old half-written journal from years ago. Maybe a family member sent some old pictures that inspire a memory. I know I’m not a very interesting person, nor am I a very gifted writer or storyteller, but I’d like to write down a few of the things I remember for posterity. Maybe someday someone would like to read them.

Please note that most identifying details have been left out, such as city names, and last names. Some first names have been altered on purpose to follow a more conventional spelling. I don’t use this space to write bad things about people, I don’t have room in my head for negativity. I write funny, charming, stories or insight that I picked up from people along the way.

I have this nasty habit of buying a beautiful journal with every intention of filling it to the brim of my writing. I usually only get a few pages in, and then leave pages and pages of blank space. The last time stamp left years ago. At that point, I feel almost embarrassed to pick it up again because… well, I abandoned it.

I find writing things out by hand terribly cumbersome. I’m a much faster typer, plus I like to be able to edit spelling and insert photos. Most photos these days are digital. I am not ambitious enough to go print out a picture for the sole purpose of taping into a journal. Some of the stories included in my blog are quoted directly from old journal, so they may seem “stylistically different” that the other content. As usual, my journaled thoughts are usually short and disjointed, but that’s really no different than the usual. I’m sure I’ll come across things that sound painfully immature. ha. Especially bits pulled from journals that I wrote in high school. You better believe I’ll be heavily censoring those.

So without further ado, here’s my cobbled together “autobiography”. From me, for me.

This particular post is acting both as a Table of Contents to follow the story in chronological order, as well as a drafting zone for stories under construction.

1985 — Birth

1986 — Age 1

There’s nothing here yet.

1987 — Age 2

There’s nothing here yet.

1988 — Age 3

1989 — Age 4

There’s nothing here yet.

1990 — Age 5

1991 — Age 6

1992 — Age 7

1993 — Age 8

Grandma & Grandpa S

Grandma & Grandpa D

1994 — Age 9

Aunts, Uncles, Cousins

1995 — Age 10

This year I started 4th grade.

My teacher this year was Mrs. D. She wasn’t my favorite teacher, but she was nice. She lived in the same neighborhood as me.

I don’t really remember anything specific from this year’s curriculum either. It was just kind of a “meh” year for school, looking back.

About this time Girl Scouts were in full-swing for me.


  • Girl Scouts
  • Exchange students, Marek and Kim (year?)

1996 — Age 11

Toward the end of 4th grade, we had older students come visit our music class with every single instrument that could be played in a band or orchestra. I was like a job fair for instruments, because a lot of us would choose one and be in band or orchestra in 5th grade. I remember trying out the trombone mouthpiece–it was really easy to get sound to come out of that. And then the french horn mouthpiece, that was much harder. I also tried the clarinet, violin, and flute.

I remember trying violin for a few weeks, but I must have been frustrated with it or something because it did not last for longer than a month I think. I

  • Started 5th grade. Elementary
  • Band, clarinet. Chose because my brother was playing too. “Licorice stick”
  • Teacher, Mrs. St | Spunky, warm, grandmotherly woman with chin-length grey hair.
  • Pioneer girl diary
  • Speech therapy across the hall, Loot Lingo

1997 — Age 12

  • Started 6th grade. Elementary
  • Teacher, Mrs. Sc | I don’t have terribly nice memories of her. She was in her 30’s, was a mom of a couple young kids. She was a nice person, but she was ill-prepared to deal with middle school kids.
  • Johnathan L. | icky kid I hated
  • Obsessed with X-files
  • School counselor

1998 — Age 13

  • Started 7th grade.
  • This is the first year where I was in a multi-classroom school.
  • Teachers that I remember: Mr. J (Social Studies-Project on Czech Republic), Mr. H (English), Mrs. Ash (Math), Art (Don’t remember art teachers name, but I remember him pushing my artistic boundaries.) (Industrial tech class? Build a platform with paper to put books on)
  • Swim Team
  • Band, clarinet, Mr. B, summer marching band
  • Erik graduated

1999 — Age 14

2000 — Age 15

  • Winter: New home finally built. Moving in
  • Fall: Started my freshman year.
  • Fall: Classes: Mr. St (billy joel enthusiast, science teacher)
  • Fall: My first job at grocery store
  • Band
  • My High School Friends: Cathy, Olga, Crystal, Joanna, Jenny, Sara, Stephanie P, Stephanie S., Amanda, Kevin, Sebastian
  • Culture touchpoints. Johnny Depp’s Cry-Baby.

2001 — Age 16

  • Spring: Track Team
  • Fall: Started my sophomore year.
  • Classes: Mrs. S (social studies), Mrs. ? (english, scarlet letter, crucible), Mrs. ? (biology, dissecting a pig, petri dish experiement)
  • My second job at big-retail store; working at store in the summer over college
  • Track Team
  • Band
  • Steve graduated

2002 — Age 17

  • Spring: Track Team, nickname “Turtle”
  • Spring: Technically wasn’t eligible for prom, but you are allowed to go if an upperclass student asks you. I can’t for the life of me remember her name, but she was a German exchange student who I became close friends with.
  • Fall: Started my junior year.
  • Fall: Classes: Mrs. ? (creative writing), Mr. ? (debate, critical thinking, logical fallacies), Mrs. C (chemistry, witch)
  • Fall: AFS, Katie (German Exchange Student)
  • Orchestra, Mr. B

2003 — Age 18

  • Spring: Prom. Kissed someone else’s date, Weekend with other AFS students
  • Summer: Online friend Jeremy
  • Fall: Started my senior year.
  • Fall: Classes: Art mentorship Mrs. T-L
  • Fall: Orchestra, New teacher :(, tendonitis
  • Fall: In Art club, AFS
  • Fall: Exchange Student Vika,
  • Fall: First year of minnesota renaissance festival. Talk about audition, orientation, & character name/meaning (never used except online).
    • Met my boyfriend Jeremiah, His friends: Tim
    • Met my friend Stephanie, another harpist
    • Irish Cottage, 10 Fingers, Taffy, Becca, Angus, Hayrold
    • Fall: Learned of boyfriend’s former life, father of a ~3 year old girl
  • Winter: Nominated student of the month for art

2004 — Age 19

  • Spring: Art show. Took home at least 15 awards in multiple categories.
  • Spring: Prom, Jeremiah in kilt.
  • Spring: Graduated from High School
  • Summer: Summer job, helping Mrs. T-L with her new move
  • Em-cat, nickname from my boyfriend
  • Fall: Worked a full season at MRF
  • Fall: Started College, freshman year
  • Fall: Joined Facebook
  • Fall: dorm life, my shitty CA
  • Critical writing class, Mr. V. Italian
  • Greek and Roman Mythology study. O brother where art thou.
  • Jesus in History.
  • Logic class – stephanie sat in the front row!. Took this class because I am bad at math. Fulfilled my math requirement.
  • Astronomy – took this class because it fulfilled a physical science requirement. Telescope/observatory (saturn and the Pleiades). Moon phases. Climate change. APOD

2005 — Age 20

2006 — Age 21

2007 — Age 22

2008 — Age 23

2009 — Age 24

  • Early Winter: New Years Eve “party”
  • Early Winter: Brett and I are officially a couple. (backstory of his ex wife and kids)
  • Spring: Family Trip to Colorado
  • Spring: Plant propagation class – took this to fulfill my biological science requirement.
  • Spring: Watercolor class – took this to fulfill my fine arts requirement.
  • Spring: Graduated from College with a degree in graphic design
  • Summer: Moved in with my husband, twin cities metro, describe apartment, describe “terms” for moving in.
  • Summer: Family Trip to Lake Superior, Apostle Islands, Mark’s boat (Husband With)
  • Summer: Family Trip to Lake Pepin (Husband With)
  • Summer: Visited Garage Logic at the MN State Fair
  • Fall: Geisha and Samurai costume
  • Fall: Exchange student Jimin (South Korea)
  • Fall: Got a job. Two major retailers: department store (beauty department) and specialty home supply store. Quit the home supply store almost right away.
  • Late Winter: Scottish Failte Ball
  • First design contract for a product manufacturer and ecommerce company

2010 — Age 25

  • Describe my husband and I’s courtship, wine night, proposal
  • Design contract turns into a full time job, Agency is born.
  • I now build wordpress websites for small businesses via our agency
  • Quit my job at retail store
  • Moved to new apartment, beautiful! (describe), fun neighbors, lake nearby, bike paths
  • Exchange student, shegofa. runaway

2011 — Age 26

  • Fall: got married
  • Fall: Mini honeymoon
  • Fall: bought my first car

2012 — Age 27

  • Winter: Main honeymoon, Ireland

2013 — Age 28

There’s nothing here yet.

2014 — Age 29

2015 — Age 30

  • Spring: Had a baby

2016 — Age 31

There’s nothing here yet.

2016 — Age 32

There’s nothing here yet.

Featured Image Source: Eli Samuelu

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