2005 – Age 20

“Bless this house and all within.”

November of 2005 was when I joined Facebook, so the milestones are probably a little better documented from here on out. I am actually going through the process of deleting some of my older posts. I figure that 1) Facebook isn’t going to be around forever, and 2) the individual posts don’t really matter, and it might be better to just document the general “shape” of each year here.

I didn’t have a digital camera at the time so pictures were scarce! Some of my first posts were pictures of me at the renaissance festival, which I loved working at. I remember growing up, I had a lot of anxiety about finishing my LAST year at bible camp and not being able to go back. I was thrilled to discover the Renaissance festival! I liked to call Renassiance Festival “summer camp for adults”.

During Ren Fest ramp-up there was always a palpable excitement on Facebook from other co-festies. We used to watch Medieval movies to get us all amped up. Favorites were “Lord of the Rings”, “Princess Bride”, “13th Warrior”, “Braveheart”, and many others. I posted a favorite line of mine from Braveheart, I always thought it was so sweet, and it’s SO true about weather in that region–nice, soft rain.

William:I was wondering if I might have a word with your daughter.
MacClannough: What do you want to have a word with her about?
William: Well, ah, Murron, would you like to come and ride with me on this fine evening?
Mrs. MacClannough: In this? You’re out of your mind.
William: Oh, it’s fine Scottish weather, madam. The rain is fallin’ straight down, well slightly to the side like.
Mrs. MacClannough: She cannot go with you.
William: No?
Mrs. MacClannough: No the now, anyway.
William: No the now?

Playing harp on the knoll by the Irish Cottage
The cast of the Irish Cottage. I hung out with them after-hours and they became a second family for a while.

One of the most eye-opening things for me at the renaissance festival is the variety of political and religious viewpoints. A lot of these people were liberal and and a few were pagan. This was my first time ever really getting to know a religion or political viewpoint that was vastly different from mine. I came to appreciate it and have even incorporated a few of their religious practices and observances into my life. This group at the Irish cottage graciously invited me to their Samhain bonfires, where I would watch their ritual. Once the fire was lit, they would proceed to eat, drink, and be merry with live music and drumming.

The cottage “wife” Meg (stage name) was an incredible cook and would always put together some of the most amazing and varied spreads I’d ever seen. When she was working at the renaissance festival, she researched traditional Irish meals, and cooked colcannon, haggis, stew, scones, etc right in the fireplace. The fact that she could do all of that still amazes me. I can barely cook a steak without overcooking it.

Each summer about August-time, the cottage “wife and husband” (the husband’s stage name was Taffy) would drive up the site to get the cottage ready for fest. They really poured a lot of muscle, dollars, and sweat into that little building. They built this cute little sign/trellis that displayed the name of the building. They replaced the flooring, stained, and scrubbed it dark brown. They took all the old shutters off and replaced them with new ones that would keep the inside dry. They ripped off all the old wood in the doorframe and replaced it. The doorframe there was special because right before you entered, it was tradition to kiss your palm, touch the door, wipe your feet and say “bless this house and all within”. So in theory this piece of wood has received THOUSANDS of blessings for years and years. They cut the old one up in little squares and gave a piece to me. I still have it, and it’s really special to me.

I really loved my time with them, and they all taught me a lot. We’ve more or less parted ways since, but every once in a while, I’ll join them for a bonfire. AND every one in a while during a meeting at the office I might feel compelled to say “Huzzah!” and that makes everyone laugh.

I also posted a picture of some of my artworks from high school as well as a picture of my then boyfriend, Jeremiah. The picture of us is in our halloween costume, probably from that year. The “Goblet of Fire” was in theatres that year, and my boyfriend had his grandma make these awesome black cloaks like the characters from Harry Potter would wear. My hair was permed at the time (normally it is perfectly straight) so I’d frizz it up and be Hermione. My boyfriend was a dead ringer for Daniel Radcliffe. I remember getting some dinner at McDonalds before the movie started and these kids walked REALLLL slowly by our table, staring. The mom trailed by last and said “You guys are freakin’ them out! You look just like Hermione and Harry!” haha, man that was fun. I never was the dress-up or cosplay type, but the renaissance festival kind of put that bug in me at that time.

Harry Potter and Hermione

Other highlights from 2005 not yet detailed:

  • Spring: undeclared major, took career study class
  • Fall: Sophomore Year; Declared my major; graphic design
  • Fall: First year we covered basics, line, shape, color, form, principles, computer basics.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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