2006 – Age 21

I found a pile of papers in the filing cabinet from 2006. It’s kind of a hodgepodge. This is a hard post to write because I’m scanning my youth writings. I have pages of notes from my college days where I was making an early attempt to be a deep thinker. In retrospect it’s almost painful for me to see how immature I was, but sometimes I managed to surprise myself (today)… so here I go.

I think I started writing this first entry because I was dating a boy who was Catholic. His family was pretty religious, and I was trying to turn him to my set of beliefs, which at that time were of the Churches of Christ (Protestant, pretty close to Baptist). Naturally, my first inclination was that in order to “convert” someone, I ought to have a very firm grasp of it myself! And what follows is my decision to start my study in Genesis! …Which I’ve done…. Dozens of times since.


I also had this habit of starting fantasy stories, but never finishing them. I’d get a few pages in… and… hmm… get bored. Or… I don’t think it’s that I was bored, I just didn’t think it was good, so I abandoned my efforts fairly quickly. I honestly don’t know how writers produced full books before computers were invented. It’s a miracle to me.

[entry 1 – not very good]

[entry 2 – much better]

Finally, most of my writing this year is from college. Specifically my Medieval history course. I signed up for it because I needed to take history classes to cover my core. I knew I loved this era, so I thought it’d be a fair bet that I’d enjoy this class… and I must have, because I have pages and pages of notes that don’t make 100% of sense to me now, but they are kind of fun to read through anyway.

[entry 3 – tons of random history notes]

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