2015 – Age 30

“Reveal the child and all your biases, because out of that, the truth comes.” –Adam Savage

The previous year I had purchased a beautiful leather-bound journal, and only wrote in it for two years. Here are excerpts from my journaling efforts this year. It’s not long after this that I officially adopted this online blog instead, preferring it’s flexibility in expressing my thoughts.

1/5/15 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Over a month has gone by, lots of updates! I started to feel the baby move around on Christmas day, and it hasn’t stopped since. It’s really light and sometimes it tickles. Feels a bit like jello of something. Super cute. Nice to be able to get a little interaction with my mini-human. Brett sometimes rubs my tummy and says hi to the baby. He can’t quite feel the movement yet himself. We should find out the gender next Monday! Very excited to start picking out names

I am maid of Honor for my cousin’s wedding which I am very excited about. 🙂 They are such a cute couple and he is so great with her daughter. It’s been fun being in touch with her more since she is always so busy.

1/13/15 – It’s a Boy!

It’s a boy! We are excited and knowing the gender somehow makes it more real to us now that we can stop calling the baby “it” and use more specific pronouns like “him” and “son”. So many great things about life that we can’t wait to show him. Now we can get down to the business of naming. Don’t worry little buddy, we won’t give you a crazy name.

1/15/15 – Scientific Method

I like the scientific method. It’s a great model to keep in mind as we sort through life’s complexities. Editor’s note. I write “I feel a blog post coming on” in this entry, and it is not long after this that I completely stop writing in my journal.

1/30/15 – Reminiscing

We are leaving for Florida tomorrow! I am excited for a whole week off work and warm weather.

I used to start journals when I was younger and never finish them. I’d write for a few pages and then forget to check back in for month, and then when I finally remember it I’d go back and reread what I wrote and think it sounded silly or immature. On a podcast today, Adam Savage said, “Don’t try to hide what an idiot you were. Don’t try and change your past self and make yourself better than you actually were. Reveal the child and all your biases, because out of that, the truth comes.” And I like that idea. I’ll probably look back on some of these pages and think I sound retarded… so this time I’m going to stick with it.

3/17/15 – Maternity Photo Shoot

It’s St. Paddy’s day, and we’re celebrating by taking an Irish-themed maternity photo shoot. I brought my little harp along, wore green, and basically laughed non-stop because our photographer was hilarious.

You can see we are totally taking this seriously.

5/22/15 – Anticipation is Building

Fast forward! Baby is almost due and anticipation is building. Glad the weather is warm enough to not have to put socks on! It’s tough to bend over my huge belly. 🙂 Baby hiccups are adorably fun and surprisingly common. He sometimes get them twice a day. He moves around constantly. At first only I could feel it, but since he’s gotten bigger, huge foot-sized bumps roll across my belly. It’s very alien! Husband sees them sometimes too and looks on with a mixture of horror and fascination. Thing I can’t wait to do again: dishes without leaning over my belly! HuggingHusband normally. Right now it’s either like ann awkward middle-school dance with just my arms around his shoulders and tons of space between us, or I have to lean down and smash my face on his chest. heh. I can’t wait to have a nice tall, cold IPA outside soon. I can’t wait to spoonHusband normally in bed. Also, laying on my tummy would be nice 🙂 But most of all, can’t wait to meet the little guy and hold him. I think maybe I will call him burrito. Tomorrow’s my last day of work, and then we wait!

5/27/15 – Past Due

Baby is two days past due. So I’m spending a nice day at the beach by myself. 85 degrees, sunny, light breeze, and there’s seeds from the cottonwood trees lazily drifting everywhere. It’s very nice. 🙂 Plus I get to lay on my tummy by digging out a little crafter in the sand.

So I finally got around to reading the humanist manifesto. It lines up pretty well with my current line of thinking, but goes a little off the deep end in the second version. Version 1, first point: universe is self-existing and not created. I think that this is likely true, but it’s a good idea to keep a healthy skepticism about any “facts” that humans dig up about our origins, lest we be no better than other supernaturally-based religious explanations. Discover is constantly changing and evolving. Second point: Man is from nature and we emerged as part of a continuous process. I like this because I think it should remind us of our humble beginnings and we should always pay homage to the cradle that rocked us. This is a theme that come up quite frequently on Garage Logic. They mayor is always remarking on things larger than us, the sun, the ever-changing climate, volcanoes, earthquakes and violent storms. He says “If you want to worry about something that you can’t do anything about, worry about global cooling.” He also makes a big to-do about respecting violent weather and remarks that passing of seasons with his “Royal Order of the 21st-ers” and “Official Garage Door Opener”. I guess I like these ideas. They’re simple and lighthearted, but based in something that’s fundamentally human. Kind of like a modern twist on early earth-worship. I’m not sure I’m completely on-board with the “green” trend these days. It just feels a little bit too fanatical and its subscribers seem to use too much of the guilt and shame tactics to get others to fall into their way of life. How’s that any different than most religions?

5/28/15 – Our Son is Born

Baby is born. 7lbs 15 oz. 21 inches. We had a c-section, but everything went very well.

That was the last entry for 2015!

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