Intellectual Sanitation of American Univeresities

Trigger Warning…

If you saw the trigger warning and proceeded anyway, congratulations. Let’s discuss the use of words like trigger warning, micro-aggression, and offensive.

A radio host I follow comments that we are training young people to not be judgmental. The idea being that to be judgmental suggests some sort of oppression or superiority, and in some cases would be considered racist. He presents the following story: University of Wisconsin students to undergo mandatory ‘cultural competency training’. He continues to say, (I’m paraphrasing here) The world of the academy is not only failing miserably, but is now getting closer and closer to not allowing the students to talk to each other. If you see micro-aggressions as a real problem, the what could you not see as offensive? Schools are encouraging people of color to be even more sensitive. On the west cost, a female student accused a white student of a micro-agression because he had dreadlocks. She said that it was an appropriation of her culture. Students are also getting worked up by dishes served in the cafeteria: “Spanish rice” or “Taco Tuesday”. And now, at the University of Madison, even more effort will be spent on educating the kids to be more alert to offense.

Do you agree that students should undergo “cultural competency training”?

While you’re waiting for more thoughts from me on this subject, check out this article by The Atlantic, “The Coddling of the American Mind“.

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Image source: Bob Vonderau

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