Misconceptions About Atheism

We only cook and eat babies on special occasions.

Nearly every atheist blogger probably has a list like this, so if you’re looking for original content on the subject, move along. I created my own list in order to help me to internalize some of the potential concerns or responses people have to atheism, along with my own replies to each. As I’ve done in past articles like “The Perks of Atheism“, I polled my Facebook group for some potential replies.

  1. Atheists do not eat babies. Ok ok, we’re starting off with a sensational one, and also one that is mostly an inside joke among atheists. A lot of people we encounter think that it’s impossible for an atheist to have morals, that we’re evil, and that we’d eat babies if we could. Or something like that. “We only cook and eat babies on special occasions, they are not eaten routinely as a regular source of food.”
  2. Atheists don’t hate god. We kinda don’t believe that a god exists, soo… yeah kind of hard to hate what you don’t believe in. If you sense any animosity from an atheist, it’s likely that there’s a back story to that. Maybe ask them some sincere questions to understand and you might get somewhere with that. Something like, “I’m sensing a little hostility to this topic. Would you prefer to talk about something else? If not, I’d love to hear more about your ideas.”
  3. Atheists don’t worship the devil either. Guess what? We don’t believe in the devil or demons either! Those are supernatural beings just like gods. This may stem from theists believing that we don’t have morals, and since the devil is the most amoral figure they can imagine, they logically deduce from this that we must worship him. Well, we don’t. Sorry to disappoint.
  4. Atheists don’t just want to sin.
  5. Atheism is not a religion (or a belief system).
  6. Atheism is not a hate group.
  7. Atheists will not grow out of their disbelief.
  8. Atheists do find meaning in their lives.
  9. More to come…
This post has been placed on “snooze” for now. Please see the about page for an explanation of my very weird blogging habits.

Image Source: Aftab Uzzaman

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