Dubious Claims

Trump is the new Hitler.

Every once in a while I’ll be listening to a podcast or reading an article, and someone will say something outrageous—or not even outrageous, but rather just a simple claim that I want to fact check for myself. The unfortunate thing is, I don’t have a lot of time to really run these down, but I figure I’ll list them here and maybe someday I’ll get back to them.

These claims can be something like:

  • “Trump is just like Hitler”
  • “If you look at the statistics of religious and non-religious areas of the US (or in the world) the more religious areas have higher muder rates, divorce rates, teen pregnancy rates and higher crime in general.”
  • “The state of Texas teaches ‘abstinence only’ sex education.”
  • “The use of welfare and subsidies has increased.”
  • “Can one religion be “more wrong” than another? For example, is Mormonism more wrong than Churches of Christ?”

The following list of claims were made by Kent Hovind in a series on Creationism that I watched and reacted to in this article: See Creationism

  • “If evolution is true, then you’re nothing important.”
  • “Science is a religion just as much as mine is.”
  • “The change of federal funding in the 1950s has led to an increased amount of information about evolution in textbooks.” Furthermore KH claims that introduction evolution curriculum led to the rise in STDs, pre-marital sex, teen suicide rate, and unwed teenage mothers. He continues to link evolution to the Columbine shooting, saying that the kids were EVOLUTIONISTS *gasp*.
    • Side note, the atheists also use a variation of this claim. For example, in areas where religion is integrated into the school systems vs. places where religion is not integrated, how does the data compare for various metrics such as testing scores, IQ, teen pregnancies, etc?
  • Using the genealogy in the Bible to date the earth.
  • “It’s okay that Seth and Cain had to marry their sister and have kids with them because in the beginning, there were no mutations or deformed chromosomes to make interbreeding dangerous.”
  • “If we were to use the scientists’ population model then the earth would be FAR more populated, therefore the earth must only be 6,000 years old.”
  • “If the galaxies are billions of years old, they would no longer have the spiral arms.”
  • “NKJV is the best version because all other translations water down the meaning of the word of god.”

Some claims I hear aren’t exactly dubious, but I just don’t have enough information to have a fully formed opinion on the matter. For example:

  • The earth’s temperature is rising because of mankind.
  • AA works and is the best treatment for alcoholism.

Image source: Giuseppe Milo

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