My Sources? Just Google It!

Response: Go bleep yourself.

We have this social media platform here called ““. It’s pretty handy because it connects you to people that live in your immediate neighborhood, as well as those in the next neighborhoods over. There are lots of useful things posted about local schools, events, lost pets, free stuff in the alley, etc. I highly recommend joining whether you are a homeowner or not. Continue reading “My Sources? Just Google It!”

Mere Christianity

If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end: if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth.

A friend of mine is a big fan of C.S. Lewis, and I asked for a recommendation for which one to read first. “Mere Christianity” was the response. So, like most books of this nature I like to take notes so that I can internalize the content better. Also like most books that I read, I may or may not finish it, but I’ll get as far as I can! Continue reading “Mere Christianity”

The Lighter Side of Thinking: Amusement

“If you came here for looking something profound, you’re gonna have a bad time.” –Meme

One of my guilty pleasures is It’s a comedy website/mobile-app with user-generated content that can range from completely vapid to utterly profound, and yes—sometimes quite dark. I think the reason why I like this site and memes in general is its evolutionary nature. Each meme is a little information packet that comes with pre-coded meaning. The users take that pre-coded meaning and mutate it in a slightly different way with a new perspective or experience. Meme culture is the very embodiment of an online tribe: you either “get it” and you’re in the in-group, or you don’t and you’re a loser. So there. Continue reading “The Lighter Side of Thinking: Amusement”

“I’m bad at math.”

Answer: There’s no Substitution for Practice.

Today, I was listening to a panel of well-known science communicators and towards the end during the Q&A session, someone asked “I’ve always wanted to be an astronautical engineer, but I’m horrible at math. I’ve got lots of passion. Can this dream ever be a reality, and where do I start?” Continue reading ““I’m bad at math.””