The Lighter Side of Thinking: Amusement

“If you came here for looking something profound, you’re gonna have a bad time.” –Meme

One of my guilty pleasures is It’s a comedy website/mobile-app with user-generated content that can range from completely vapid to utterly profound, and yes—sometimes quite dark. I think the reason why I like this site and memes in general is its evolutionary nature. Each meme is a little information packet that comes with pre-coded meaning. The users take that pre-coded meaning and mutate it in a slightly different way with a new perspective or experience. Meme culture is the very embodiment of an online tribe: you either “get it” and you’re in the in-group, or you don’t and you’re a loser. So there.At least from now on I can tell people that I look at 9gag for “research purposes”.

I sometimes save the more philosophical or scientific gems, and I’d like to share some of them with you. I won’t let this page get too data heavy–I will start splitting them off into topical posts, but will link to all of them in the “Fun & Humor” category. Enjoy!

Side note: I should remind you that the content of these memes may not be personally-held opinions of mine, but rather they provoked something that needed a second thought.

These are “atheist cookies”. lol

Image Source: Gregory Gill

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