Bottling Up Sparkly Snow

It’s one of those moments in life that just has to be cherished as-is, because you can’t really properly take a picture of it, or scoop it up and put it in your pocket.

I’m going to try a new way of writing for my blog. It’s a “stream of consciousness” with six word prompts. I will go to this website at least twice a week, get random words and then I will write for at least 5 minutes. If I’m feeling the “flow” of words I’ll keep going until I run out of words. I will publish just about anything as long as it’s not inappropriate! My rules, my blog, after all.

Let’s see what comes out. Don’t expect anything earth-shattering, here.

Six random words: four, wild, believing, flavor, appointment, bet.


I like the seasons. There are four of them–it’s a nice symmetrical number. One really cold one, one really hot one, and then the two in the middle for transitioning. I like winter because it can be so crisp, clear and pure sometimes, like just after a freshly fallen snow. There is something so magical about a new layer of snow in the morning just as the sun rises brightly and causes the snow to glitter. I wish I could bottle it up and take it with me, but it’s one of those moments in life that just has to be cherished as-is, because you can’t really properly take a picture of it, or scoop it up and put it in your pocket. It’s just for that moment only. Rainbows are like that too. And a nice lighting storm.

I like spring because it’s so nice to finally get outside and not have to have your face feel like it’s going to freeze solid and fall right off your head. For that reason alone, it’s like breathing a big sigh of relief. I like getting out in the garden and cleaning up all the dead debris leftover from last season. Even early in the spring when there’s still snow on the ground the first green shoots come up. They are eager to get growing. There’s also this thing I like to call the “green mist”–it happens when the black dead-looking branches have been slowly building buds for the new leafs, and they all collectively swell and “pop” at the same time. A single popped bud doesn’t have much effect, but when you stand back and look at a forest of trees, you can see that it has this hint of green freshness that is sure to swell within a week.

Summer is nice for being on the beach and drinking cold beer. I feel like I kind of end up wasting my summers though. I spend a lot of time outdoors in the spring because I am just so glad to get outside, but in the summer I seem to get sick of the heat fast, and I like being inside with the air conditioning. Every once in a while though I don’t mind subjecting myself to some good old fashioned sweltering heat–best enjoyed with a nice cold beer–it needs to have just come out of a cooler full of ice, and have condensation all over the bottle.

Fall is a little bit sad because winter is coming soon and summer is over, but it makes up for it in amazing color. People like to sit outside more by campfires, and the air can get thick with the smell of fires, and there’s something very cozy and social about that smell. When the leaves fall off the trees and pile up on the sidewalk, it’s fun to swish your legs through the leaves and listen to them rustle.


I am probably the opposite of wild. I am very very boring. The wildest thing I’ve ever done? Hmm… well actually I probably better not say, since this will be published. Let’s just say it happened over a spring break in college. 🙂 I’ll just leave it at that. If you know me, you can ask me sometime and I’ll tell you.

Different tack. I really really like chicken and wild rice soup. Since the seasons are shifting into fall, it will be time to break out some of the savory and hot foods soon. I first got into chicken and wild rice soup when our parents used to take us skiing in Colorado on a regular basis. At Vail, there is a ski lodge that takes quite some time to get to, and it’s perched way at the top of the mountain. Because it’s so high up, it’s rather exposed to the elements, so it’s usually very windy and cold up there. It requires some “poling”–which is because if you’re not very heavy (like you’re a little kid) and you can’t get enough speed going, you have to pull yourself along using your poles. You stick them into the snow and pullllllll, stick, pull, stick, pull. Really, really hard if you’re a weak little kid. Anyway, as you approached this lodge, you could smell it because they always had the smoker going, cooking various meats for their restaurant. Among their offerings was this incredible chicken and wild rice soup, which would always taste amazing because your face is cold and you’ve been working your ass off all day, so you’re starving. So anyway, my dad used to smoke a chicken every once in while, and he’d give me the leftovers to make soup with. Whenever I make it (smoked chicken is a must) it always takes me back to that time. This is the recipe I use, it’s wonderful.


It’s a funny word, believing. It’s one that I try to avoid, especially since it has connotations of not being sure. If you’re not sure about something, then you probably shouldn’t go around saying it to other people. It’s one thing to say “oh I believe it will rain today”–if there are dark heavy looking rain clouds in the horizon, the probability of you being right is high. So why not just say “It looks like it’s going to rain”. This is more of a simple observation, or statement of fact.

Or let’s say you’re at work or something, and your boss asks you “did so-and-so get that TPS report done yet?” and you say “oh, I believe so”–why say something like that? Just say, “I’m not sure, but I’ll check and get back to you” Again, say something that is not wishy-washy. Say something that you know for sure is true.

I guess this is my way of ensuring my credibility. If people know that I only say things that I am sure of, and that I honestly say “I don’t know” in any other case, then people can rely on me to say true things. I don’t take a lot of work to “figure out”. People don’t have to size me up and read between the lines. I like things simple, and that includes my words. Believe is not a simple word.







Well I wrote for about 40 minutes and I’m tired now. Signing off.

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