Group Study: Why Do People Believe in God?

This is the beginning of a 2-part post on “Why people do/don’t believe in god”. Here are the topics:

  • 1) Give me your best argument for why you believe in god.
  • 2) Refute/Give me your best argument for why you DON’T believe in god.

All of the content provided below (other than the basic outline) will be provided by members of a private Facebook group, and does not necessarily reflect the views of myself, the owner of this blog. I am merely a neutral agent that will work on compiling and editing people’s responses in order to clearly communicate the arguments. Thanks to everyone who play along!

  • Follow the group rules (of course)!
  • Please stay on topic. You will have your chance to debate ALL SIDES of this in the appropriate post.
  • If you’d like me to tag you on the next post, there’s a place for you to opt-in on the very FIRST comment on this post.
  • In order to organize the discussion thread, I will be compiling & editing (grammar, spelling, sentence structure) your answers together and posting it on my blog which I will give you all link to in the comments. I WILL NOT use your name unless you specifically request that I do so.
  • I will give everyone about one day per post to answer.
  • If you have multiple different points, separate them out into different comments so people can further comment on each individual point.
  • In the refutation threads, I will copy paste the arguments FOR, and then you can refute in the replies.
  • I might need to add further clarification so if you have questions, ask.

1) Best argument for why you believe in god

Facebook discussion part 1.A (you must be a member of the group to view the discussion): See Thread

  1. I am being the most authentic person I can be when I make that honest leap to faith.
  2. The bible is the inerrant word of God.
  3. The universe is so finely tuned that god must have made it.
  4. Whatever begins to exist has a cause; The universe began to exist. Therefore: the universe has a cause.

This discussion for the topic below has not officially begun, but there will probably be some “spillover”. In order to give credit to these arguments in the meantime, I’ll put them here in a holding pen.

2) Refutations/Best argument for why you DON’T believe in god

Facebook discussion part 1.B (you must be a member of the group to view the discussion): Thread Not Posted Yet

  1. Abrahamic definition of god.
    1. If god is omnipotent, omniscient, master and creator of the universe, it’s impossible for him to give us free will, for god we’re just automats, so the abrahamic religions are wrong because there is this problem in the definition of their god.

Image Source: Pixabay

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