Where Ideas Go to Die

Acknowledge the idea, and then let it go.

So many ideas, so little time. Sometimes my mind feels awhirl with ideas of things I want to do, blog posts I want to write, or cool projects that would be fun to work on. I only have 168 hours in a week though, and I thought that one way I could ease my mind and at least acknowledge my ideas is to just write them down and move on. Hence, this post–where ideas go to die.

Ahh… I feel better already.

design a

Learn Irish.

Learn how to draw celtic knots.

Design and illustrate a physical turned based card game based off Castlewars.

Books to read: “Intellectuals and Race” by Thomas Sowell. “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. Gulag Archipelago

I want to open a special bar & restaurant that was designed for intellectual conversations. By simply eating at this place, you are saying that I want to have an interesting conversation with a stranger. So it’s socially acceptable for you to wander up to other people’s tables and strike up a conversation. Instead of live music and stuff, I’d invite professors or professionals to talk about their area of expertise for 20 minutes or so. Open mic night for smart people!

Write a blog posts on the how black and white / color photography on affected art. For example, since the medium was more detailed, less emphasis was needed for photo-realistic painting skills.

Write a blog post about the tools of science that we use to enhance our senses (telescope, microscope, infrared, etc)

Write a blog post about how learning art has taught about my personal sense of reality. Seeing shape and color for what it really is. And how that can be so deceiving.

UX perspective on american politics. I spend my career trying to make everyday things easier for people to use, and look on in horror at the state of american politics. It’s maddeningly perplexing.

List of major philosophers, year, birthplace, summary of thinking.

List of good books for kids morality.

Article about “Flat Earth”nonsense.

Atheism, the opposite of brainwashing: Link, Link

Image Credit: Pixabay

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