STR : ER vs AR = News Story

Abstract Journalism

I’m in software development. In my line of work, the template below is a common way to report issues in order to improve our software. It occurred to me today that the same template could be applied to the journalism industry. So in a way, when I write my tickets, what I’m really doing is a abstract journalism for the website I am serving. Hmm, cool.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to thing
  2. Then go to other thing.

Expected Results : “A”

Actual Results : Not “A”

If Expected = Actual then it’s boring and is not a news story. Duh. Why should we care when we expect something to happen, and it happens?

If Expected ≠ Actual then it’s a news story. Now we must discover what the problem is precisely, and come up with an appropriate solution for it.

Eh, I dunno. It’s just a random tidbit that popped in my head from this YouTube video I was watching featuring Melanie Phillips:

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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