When honestly seeking self improvement, know that some parts of yourself will not want to die. It will scream in agony while you are burning it off.

–Jordan Peterson

JP: The Hero confronts horrible chaotic potential and then makes something of it. You have to face what you don’t want to face in order to fix it. So you look at all the things about yourself that need to be burned off and dispensed with. At the beginning, especially if you are screwed up, that will be 95% of you. It just has to go up in flames. It’s painful. Some of that stuff that you need to burn off doesn’t want to die. It will scream in agony while you’re burning it off.

JR: And you have to start in small steps because most people don’t know have experience in transcending their problems, so they don’t know what it feels like. If you do it incrementally, you can show yourself that you can do it.

(Talking about equality of outcome)

JP: We can look at human beings as being metaphysically equal, but in every other dimension we are radically unequal, and there’s pain in that.

In other words, no one wants to admit that inequality can be justified.

(Talking about the success of Joe’s show)

JP: Look what happened to you! You have a million, billion and a half downloads a year. You’re definitely riding a giant wave. Did you predict this 15 years ago? No. You’re in the right place, at the right time, and you’re a very interesting interviewer, especially for long-form. You’re very curious, but also very tough. If you don’t understand something, you will go after the person, and you’re not doing it in a vindictive way. I’m trying to figure out why you’re so successful–you’re a lot smarter than anyone might think. You’re a weird combination because your persona doesn’t shout “intellectual”. No, you’re damn smart, and you’re tough as a bloody boot, and you ask provocative questions. Not because you’re provocative. Your personality and this long-form seems to suit very well. You’re good at pursuing things you don’t understand instead of assuming you know what you’re talking about, so you take your listeners on an exploratory journey.

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