“Social media is a tool. Guns are a tool. We are on the verge of discovering some very interesting parallels between the first and second amendments.”

–Mike Rowe

Rowe continues: “People who would never associate a firearm with goodness are ironically using speech as a real cudgel, AND restricting it in so many ways. If you look at social as a weapon then it’s a weapon that you have, but you don’t need a license for it. Anyone can have it, the question is, how are you going to use it? Most people don’t have the training or the maturity to handle it. So, the violence, anger, and outrage that you’re seeing I think are in part due to having an unlimited amount of access to a platform that gives you both the mechanism to say whatever you want, and the anonymity and the comfort to hide behind it.”

Commentary starting at 25:00 mark:

It’s a little bit dangerous, right? Rowe seems to be suggesting that we establish limits on social media and restrict access. I think if you listen to the broader context, he’s talking about some of the gross ways social media can be used to permanently ruin lives. I’ve seen it up-close via a friend of mine–it does happen, and it’s not an urban legend. Why is it okay for the masses to wield social media, ruin a life without any consequences and no regulation… oh but it’s perfectly fine to impose all kinds of limitations on gun ownership? I can’t quite reason this question through, so I’d be glad to discuss this issue in the comments.

[Aside, one of my favorite parts of writing these quick posts is finding a picture that goes with it. Found a picture of a quill tip that is stylized to look like a bullet… perfect.]

“Personally, my philosophy has a lot to do with feeling suspicious of anything that feels easy. Gratitude … good-natured skepticism, a ton of gratitude, and some honest intellectual curiosity are the best ways to approach ‘let me tell you how I feel’. Most people don’t care what you feel, they care why you believe what you believe. That’s why mobs are boring, and protests are tiresome.” –Mike Rowe

“People’s heads explode when this weird mix of commerce and art collide. I really applaud what you’re doing, because this show is utterly without pretense. I have no idea what you’re going to ask me next, and the only thing more liberating than that is that I’m convinced that you don’t either. [Shapiro enthusiastically nods] Except we’re going to stop every 15 seconds to take care of the brute realities of keeping these [gestures behind him] lights turned on!” –Mike Rowe

“The country is starving for authenticity.” –Mike Rowe

Must watch: Rowe’s “Trump Story” at 35:30 – 38:08. Asked for a “C.R.A.P.” item from the presidential candidates. Only one pulled through and delivered.

“Vocational Arts became Vo-Tech (a.k.a. Vocational Education), and then eventually it became “shop class”. At that point it was easy to ‘take it behind the barn and put a bullet in its head’. This is an effective way of showing kids what’s unimportant–by eliminating it from view.” – Mike Rowe

45:57 – 52:00 Passion in work. Passion in relationships. How do they correlate? “In the end, what you want is meaningful work. The question is, how do you get there?” and “Happiness is a symptom not a goal” –Mike Rowe

55:28 – 56:13 – A resentful attitude will kill us.

“My parents (at 80 years old) are both completely engaged with the world around them and in love with each other.”

People come in to the world totally dependent, completely selfish, and at the mercy of the people around us. If we can’t change from that, then your life will be troublesome. Cultivate gratitude and an attitude of opportunity. Discourage hipocrisy and smallness

Featured Image : Pixabay

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