Church is a community that allows people to feel like they belong to a group that is also striving toward a common transcendental goal that matters.

–Ben Shapiro

Here’s my food for thought today: “It’s not just about being a member of a community, it’s about being a member of a community that is striving toward a common goal that is both transcendental and it matters.”

Michael and Ben discuss lots of interesting topics in this interview. at 52:00, they were talking about religion and people that no longer go to church. Michael compared a church community to say, a bowling league. It’s just not the same thing though, is it? A lot of modern attempts to replace the role of church in communities has failed. This is something I have felt very acutely as an atheist, and have had to work extra hard to build a small, viable network of like-minded individuals that I can share ideas with.

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