The Muse’s Prayer

…And lead us not into stagnation, But deliver us from Ego…

Jordan Peterson recently interviewed Nina Paley. Here are a few of the quotes that I heard that I resonated with. Video below.

“I’m not going to ask for permission to use this music. Especially music that enter my head as a child, which I did not consent to, and have no control over it. Of course, nobody has control over what goes into your head, right? And then, once it’s there, that part of your head that it occupies belongs to a corporation. I’m just done asking for corporations for permissions to use what’s in my head–that they put there.” – Nina Paley

“One thing you can say about the Old Testament is that it’s not naively optimistic. –Jordan Peterson

“An idol and an ideology are very much the same thing. Ideology is terribly dangerous because you take something concrete, like an axiom of some sort, and then you make that your highest value, which is narrow, restricts you and makes you incredibly dangerous. The idea that there is danger in idolization is a very powerful thing. I think that’s what informed the restrictions against making graven images of god, because you end up confusing the image with the transcendent reality.” –JPB

Art is a form a exploration rather than a form of categorization.

What exactly IS intellectual property? Does it exist? Culture is not property.

People WANT to support you because they actually have seen your work. If you go around taking down every instance of your work because of copyright, then fewer people will be exposed to your ideas. Instantiation is the most efficient distribution machine that exists. –NP (Paraphrased)

Muse Prayer by Nina Paley

Our Idea

Which art in the ether

That cannot be named

Thy vision come

Thy will be done

On earth as it is in abstraction

Give us this day our daily spark

And forgive us our criticsisms

As we forgive those who critique against us

And lead us not into stagnation

But deliver us from Ego

For thine is the vision, the power, and the glory forever



Featured Image : Flickr

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