“Artists see things more accurately.”

–Sean Carroll

My new favorite thinker in the Intellectual Dark Web is Sean Carroll. Follow him on YouTube! In his “episode zero” he said something that I related to as a hobbyist artist:

Here’s the source:

“Psychologists have done studies where they show people a picture. They say, ‘We’re going to ask you questions about this picture, so study it carefully.” They look at how people’s eyes track across the image. To no one’s surprise, professional artists look at pictures very differently than non-artists do. Regular human beings tend to look at people; they look at the faces of people or other animals. Artists who are trained are much better at giving equal attention to different parts of the foreground and background of the picture. This idea of training our attention is crucial to becoming more rational.”
–Sean Carroll

Jordan Peterson is of course BIG on paying close attention. He also venerates artists as having a unique role in seeing things that normal people don’t.

May we always pay attention. Have the sight of an artist. See things for what they really are. Draw only what you see.

Featured Image : Pixabay

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