Try to Have a Long-Form Conversation

Listen to a partial transcript of Joe Rogan that particularly struck me today.

I think that’s one of the reasons why podcasts that have long form conversations are becoming popular is because people are hungry for actual communication. They’re hungry because even if we disagree on things, I wanna know why you think the way you think. And I want to hear it all. All of your reasoning, the thought processes that lead you to that. And I wanna talk to you about what I think, and maybe we can come to some middle ground or understand each other … This is absent in most discourse on television and talk shows.

Can you imagine if every conversation you ever had in your life, there was an audience clapping or booing at everything you said? It just creates a fake way of communicating with each other. Even the way they sit next to each other, and not even looking at each other … it’s alien. Weird.

Now people are addicted to their phones and the media. It’s not enough that they watch the news, now there’s a scroll bar across the bottom of OTHER shit you should be freaking out about. The news itself is not enough.. there’s a terrorist attack, a new flu that can’t be cured…

This is not how human being are designed. We’re designed to talk. We’re designed to communicate. With each other–person to person. This is what we’re good at. This is what we’ve lost. And the one thing that has probably led to learning more about each other (actual conversations) is rare! Which is really weird! It’s way more common for someone to look at their phone for 10 hours a day than it is for someone to have a 1-1 uninterrupted conversation with someone for an hour. Those don’t exist! (ok,) They exist with lovers. Even if you have some polite dinner guests that put their phone down for an hour and talk to you about stuff–even then people suck at it. People forgot how to do it. They talk over each other, they don’t listen when the other person’s talking, they’re just waiting their turn to talk… We’re going down weird roads where we’re distancing ourselves from compassion, understanding and real communication.

Featured Image : Pixabay

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