Transcript of “Psilocybin Mushrooms and the Mycology of Consciousness: Immersion into the MycoVerse” by Paul Stamets

Here’s a transcript of a talk by Paul Stamets. While I finished listening, I only took notes about halfway through. The transcription didn’t come out as clean and I wasn’t able to finish working on it. I’ve already moved on to other materials. Still got far enough that I wanted to publish what I completed, and maybe I’ll come back and work on it some more.


  • Co-evolved with mushrooms
  • Amadou mushroom is a tool for portable fire
  • Mycelium mat in Eastern Oregon 2,200 acres in size it’s a honey mushroom called our malaria story and has killed the trees.
  • Rotting wood, woodchips, human civilization… mushrooms follow the debris
  • Stages of growth in mushrooms
  • 13.8 billion years ago – Big bang – matter organizes into a network
  • 4.5 billion years ago – Formation of the earth
  • Formation of the moon
  • 3.8 billion years ago – First known organism (Luca)
  • 2.4 billion years ago – fossilized mycelium (in South Africa)
  • 600 million years ago – animal kingdom split from fungi. We are decended from mycelium.
  • 420 – 356 million years ago – largest fungi
  • 250 million years ago – asteroid hits the earth and 75% – 90% of species die. Fungi inherit the earth.
  • 110 million years ago – oldest fossilized mushroom (guild mushroom). Mushrooms had their form long before we had ours. Mushrooms are highly perishable, so finding something fossilized like this is extraordinary
  • 65 million years ago – another asteroid hits earth and causes a second extinction event (dinosaurs).
  • Current extinction event. Losing 30,000 species a year. We have an estimated 8.3 million species now. In 100 years, that would be 30% of the diversity on the planet today.
  • We need to look at the downstream consequences of our actions.
  • 23 Primates including humans consume mushrooms.
  • Ancestral knowledge of save vs. poisonous is passed down. They are used for survival and a multiplicity of benefits.
  • ___ years ago, there was an extraordinary fluctuation in the evolution of the human brain where it doubled/tripled its capacity. Hypothesis: stimulated by climate change? There were epigenetic pressures for problem solving and adapting to sudden change. Organisms are smarter and able to strategize to survive changing climates are rewarded.
  • Homo erectus came into Europe long before Homo sapiens. When Homo sapiens came into Europe around 40,000 years ago, Homo erectus became extinct very quickly. Neanderthals became extinct within 4,000 years of contact.
  • Why did we succeed and they did not?
  • Hypothesis; descended from the trees to hunt for animals. When looking for animals, look for scat. Mushrooms like to grow in that substrate. Primates are grub eaters, opportunistic. If they see mushrooms, they will try it, and bring it home to their clan.
  • These mind-expanding substances may have enabled the ingenuity and creativity to succeed where others did not.
  • The dominate hypothesis is that psilocybin degrades in the sillas in which tightly binds activates serotonin receptors stimulate neurogenesis improving visual and acuity and hearing.
  • Reminder, this is not a theory it’s a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated guess to explain an observable phenomenon. A theory has been tested by science and the faculty support it.
  • Scientific evidence on the effects of psilocybin on neurogenesis in the hippocampus and the fear of extinction of trace of fear of conditioning.
  • Experiment with mice. Auditory signal associated with pain. They hear the signal, and later on they will cower in fear. Upon taking doses of psilocybin they were able to disconnect and disassociate the auditory stimulus with the fear response. This shows that they were able to repattern their behavior through new channels of neurological transmission.
  • Psilocybin induces courage (You disassociate an environmental stimulus with fear) and kindness. This is important; those are leadership skills.
  • 7,000 years ago – found a depiction of a “Bee man”. Correlation between magic mushrooms and honey. Preserves the psychoactive agent in magic mushrooms.
    • He specifically mentions the catholic dictate “Bavarian Beer Purity Act” that bans mushrooms. He supposes it’s related to the attempt of the catholic church to temper the pagan tradition of celebration of nature.
  • 400 BCE – (image ) Demeter giving Persephone a mushroom before she goes into the underworld. (The onset of winter before she will return as spring)
  • Euclidean Mysteries
  • May 13 1957, Life magazine, good field guide to identifying magic mushrooms in Mexico.
  • “Seeking the Magic Mushroom” Gordon Watson with Valentina his wife. A great monograph called lesion panelists in genomics eat
  • Mushroom stones from Mesoamerica in the 1500s, found by Spanish conquistadors. These could be the coat of arms of a family, maybe to to mark a mushroom patch, or maybe to invoke rain.
  • Tells the story about borrowing his brother’s book “Altered States of Consciousness” by Charles Tart. Lending to his friend Ryan, and his father burned it. Origin story of his decision to study consciousness. Gives tribute to his brother and Ryan’s dad for burning it.
  • “Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World” book by Stamets
  • Tells a bunch of little stories about him with his colleagues studying together and writing books on mushrooms. Giving credit to his mentors
    • Alexander Smith University of Michigan
    • Dr. Daniel Stuntz University of Washington
    • Catherine Skates Post Falls Idaho
    • Dr. Michael Beug
    • R. Gordon Wasson
    • Dr. Gaston Guzman
    • Terrance Mckenna
    • Gary Menser
    • Steven Pollock
    • Andrew Weil
    • Jonathan Ott
    • Jeremy Bigwood
  • Stephen Pollack tried to patent a new species of mushroom for treating autism in children. Bizarrely was murdered by a crooked cop before he could complete his work.
  • “Golden Guide to Hallucinogenic Plants”
  • Struggle to get the license for mushroom research. DEA license supervised by Beug.
  • Psilocybe azurescens – causes temporary paralysis.
  • Psilocybe cyanescens
  • Psilocybe liniformans americana
  • Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa
  • Psilocybe weilii
  • Psilocybe cubensis : co-habits with magic mushrooms. Grows naturally near elephant, zebra, horse, antelope, hippopotamus, buffalo, and cow dung.
  • Copelandia – species on dung in the subtropics and tropics
  • Psilocybe baeocystis
  • Psilocybe allenii
  • Lion’s mane, Hericium erinaceus
  • Mantra : “Nature provides, I don’t”
  • “The tragedy of aging is the loss of knowledge”

Full Transcript

Stamet’s Hat : Made from a Amadou mushroom
hardwood conch
its a birch polypore grows on birch trees
made from some ladies in Transylvania
portability of fire; hollow a hole into this mushroom and put embers
of a fire and carry it for days
the latin name is foamies moment arias

Story of co-evolution
We all came from Africa. We travelled north and we discovered cold winter (oops). If
your clan could not keep fire alive your clan would perish. An example of a thread of knowledge that literally goes back thousands and thousands of years.

How many threads of knowledge have been frayed and cut because of war, religion, persecution, disease? The fact that we are here today is because of very smart choices on the evolutionary path and our co-evolution with fungi extends not just the polypore mushrooms like Alma do but is intimately connected with our experiences with psilocybin mushrooms

look at this from an evolutionary perspective what mushrooms arethe reproductive structures of fungi
about 2.5 million species of fungi estimated now in the kingdom of fungi outnumbering plants about 6 to 1
about 150,000 species are mushroom forming fungi that means they have fluffy fleshy reproductive structures that are visible to the naked eye and they’re pretty spores
the definition of a mushroom (identified about 14,000 species to date; about less than 10% of the mushroom forming funds are out there)
we’ve actually identified based on DNA analysis now a simplified view of the mushroom lifecycle sport has come together if they’re compatible sexually they mate the mycelium then becomes by
new Kela two nuclei per cell the downstream mycelium after many many months weeks sometimes years of navigating through microbial hostile environment then is triggered into
mushroom formation the mushrooms come up with a highly perishable they only exist for a few days

so powerful and yet so ephemeral. some mushrooms can kill you, some can feed you some can heal you some, can send you on a spiritual journey … it’s natural for humans to be afraid of them because our contact withanimals and other plants we have a long-term exposure weeks months years so we have a familiarity factor but mushrooms being so powerful especially the magic mushrooms only the cognoscenti a very select group of individuals within a clan or a tribe or people would have the experiential knowledge and be able to transfer that knowledge was as sacred transmission from one generation to the next

This is the mycelium growing over about five days this is a philosophy cubensis you know as mycelium grows it constantly Forks the largest organism in the world known today is a mycelial mat in Eastern Oregon 2,200 acres in size it’s a honey mushroom called our malaria story and has killed the trees and this is why the Forest Service has cut down the forest actually this is the photograph that I took I hired an airplane from Boeing field I went there I had the latitude and longitude coordinates based on sensitive article we flew we couldn’t find it we found lots of dead forests because this this honey mushroom kills a forest the trees become ash and gray they could start fires and so the Forest Service accustomed down because a fire danger so we couldn’t find him I went back I checked a lot long we were right but we were too low in elevation so we went back the next day and this little small airplane I hired how to catch like canvas skin on it and we go there and we go in circle up higher and higher we got the 14,500 feet and I could see it but I told the pilot I think I’m gonna faint and the pilot said me too I said I need to get a photograph whoo so I took this photograph but still I think is the best photograph of the largest organ in the worlds of mycelial mat and it’s only one cell wall thick now think of that we have five or six skins layers affected from an infection that mycelium has one and the other side of that cell wall growing through soil there’s millions of microbes that many of which who are eager to consume the mycelium then the mycelium is forms mushrooms in response to four primary environmental stimuli one is the introduction of water we all know that the rains have come to Oregon we’ll have mushrooms then we have water then from rain we have a Bradford of cooling we have operations so dropping temperatures the second one
the third one is where the mycelium comes the earth to the surface it exhales carbon dioxide inhales oxygen just a third in the fourth is light the vast majority of mushrooms are phototrophic photosensitive they have to have light exposure in order for the mushrooms to be triggered to be formed from the mycelium so the mycelium does that form primordia and that primordia then are
rapidly growing just you know they literally appear sometimes overnight that’s why they’re so bizarre and this is why the field of my ecology and specifically of mushrooms I know of no field that has under studied underrepresented underutilized and underappreciated and yet has such a powerful potential for doing a lot of the good and it giving us the solutions that we toad Esper Utley need today so the mycelium forms primarily for most species in response to blue light 320 to 400 nanometers many this is all simon mushroom cultures are salafi cultures don’t have any detectable psilocybin in them until they’re exposed to blue light and that blue light triggers primordial formation and that then up regulates the formation and the production of psilocybin and mycelium so looking at a mushroom there’s a rush Allah and in the old-growth forest meadow a few days later the spore determinating lots of things are happening lots of other organisms are now decomposing the mushrooms and then a few days later my foot he recovers approximately 300 to 600 miles of mycelium a single cubic inch they give me one eight miles of these cells now think of that
these are extensive membranes that are literally under every footstep that we take we leave impressions on the ecosystem I propose you those impressions are felt by the mycelium
underneath our feet they respond to catastrophic were their greatest walking
catastrophe I know of and as we will
walk across the landscape we break wood and the wood chips then that are exposed
and our newly available nutrition of mycelium races after us.
curiously the majority of psilocybin mushrooms that grow and wood chips are very rare
in the forest until you create wood chips and so with human habits of chopping wood and building buildings there’s a surge of these salsa and
mushrooms coming out of the genome of the nature heretofore not seen this ok because not a huge lead focus with Michael Boog and myself and our other researchers because many of the scientists at University of Washington and Oregon and California had not seen these mushrooms until landscaping wood chips were applied around buildings and they were caught aghast they they have never seen these species they’ve been studying them for decades and they
didn’t see them until wood chips were provided around as landscaping materials
around universities law enforcement
facilities courthouses and then increasingly computer companies so these salty mushrooms tend to follow the debris fields that humans are creating that’s that may not be accidental they may be purposeful the mycelium produces exercise i’m at abba lights there’s a subject of a lot of my research recently there can this recent article in science identify more than thousand species of bacteria in a single gram of soil so as the mycelium grows as producing antibiotics it selects the micro biomes let’s landscape it starts the ecosystem evolution and assess the the microbiome that gives rise to the plant communities that create the debris fields that feed the mycelium that ensures the progeny of the survival of the species these are deterministic organisms they are smart
they look at landscape and the animals in landscape as whether they can continue their destiny and they engage us to be involved so looking at the
mycelium in an electron microscope I spent many years as a scanning electron microscope is the mycelium and the organization of the mycelium has a beautiful architecture that cannot be damaged by that concussion by breaking the mycelium when you break my selamat forks a tree grows this is a some microscopic movies by my friend Patrick Hickey prior to this we did not know that these nuclei flow through networks as bundles and as the mycelium grows out the breadth of my arms actually Nicolas money helped me do this calculation more than eight trillion and branches and a meter diameter of mycelium can occur and at the tips to become multinucleate and because either multinucleate the tip think that a little scientists exploring and because epigenetic epigenesis the the coding of new enzymes acids antibiotics if there is that new expression out of the genome and they successfully then find a new food source what happens mycelium serves and consumes it and that information VM becomes resident within the body intellect of the mycelium these are self learning membranesthey are not only exhaling carbon dioxide be inhaling oxygen externalize lungs these are not only able externalized stomachs digesting nutrients externally but these are also self learning membranes they have an intelligence network built within them
there’s some self apparent truths that as you voyage with psilocybin into the Microverse these truths become very very clear something that I think this universal to the foundation of nature the mycelium
has the architecture that similar to the architecture that of neurons that the
computer internet
Go back to the origin of the universe. The Big Bang 13 8 billion years ago the universe was formed.
After the Big Bang, matter organizes into networks. (Image: Max Planck Institute. The largest expansive view of the universe today. It conforms to that of the my archetype of that of the mycelium and then as the galaxies form this of the deep Hubble telescope view each of those ellipses or galaxies there Lily
you know trillions upon trillions of
galaxies and
the probability of network-based organisms I think is a reality that we need to accept I believe matter baguettes life life becomes single cells single cells branch they become networks a4 you have membranes and then you have intersecting mosaics of network-based organisms that collaborate and compete
I think this is the way this is the way of being this is the way of who we are and where we came from and where we are going
beginning of the formation of the earth 4.5 billion years ago
there was a planetoid called Theia and mithya right after the earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.
A few hundred million years later a planetoid struck the earth, and debris was jettisoned coalesced and formed our Moon. This is why the Apollo astronauts when he came back with samples from the moon the scientists were astonished that the mineral profiles were that exactly of the earth. The moon came from the earth.
The first organism known so far is 3.8 billion years ago is called Luca. It’s the last Universal common ancestor from which all life today is thought to be descended.
recently this past year in FASTA fossilized mycelium was found on lava beds in South Africa 2.4 billion years ago
the oldest record so far of a multicellular organism on this planet is mycelium
the animal split from fungi more than 600 million years ago
1.8 billion years later there’s a new super Kingdom scientists have erected called “a pice the canta” which is when fungi and Animalia were joined together and then fungi continued on its paths, and fungi gave birth to animals.
We are descendant from fungi. We are descended from mycelium.
This is why our best antibiotics are active against bacteria, but not against fungi. The antibiotics against fungi harm us because of our close evolutionary relationship.
Forward: 420 million to 356 million years ago a fossil was found in 1843 there was
making the name co2 tax IDs it was a very controversial for a long time until dr. Kevin Boyce at the University of Chicago and his colleagues were able to identify in fact progress X IDs
this is before vascular clamps, before flying insects, before trees
the largest organism on this planet towering 30 to 40 feet in height were these giant fungi protists anxiety’s
this is well before our large animals had formed evolved it would attract lightning because of the high higher elevation epigenesis would be coring lots of evolutionary selective pressures and stimulations would be occurring these things would also of course invite micro biomes that set up the stage for
ecological evolution
Forward : 250 million years ago an asteroid strikes the earth. Large amounts of debris are jettisoned into the atmosphere. Sunlight is cut off and 75% to 90% of the species on planet died. Fungi inherit the earth.
in fact at the Pitti boundary is very
easy to see and the in the geological record that the Primo Triassic boundary 250 million years ago in the fossil record at that Junction a fungus predominated the fact was given a name by scientists called we do Lewis foreign IDs and so this is the fungus as resident in the fossil record that gobbled up the forests that have been destroyed you know from the impact of this asteroid
Forward : Pangaea and guandu on island and we have the separation of the continents
is the present and then this past year found in the sediments in Brazil 110 million years ago is that first putative lis the first and the oldest fossilized mushroom yes in a guild mushroom it actually kind of looks like Selassie being Avensis no one’s going to go that far but it’s it is a cap and stem mushroom with gills the mushrooms are highly highly perishable so
finding something that’s fossilized this old is extraordinary. 110 million years ago mushrooms have their form well before we had ours
Think of mushrooms as our elders; ancient organisms that have existed long before primates that develop in us we have developed our forms
Forward : 65 million years ago, another asteroid comes down to the earth and strikes just above the Yucatan. Another extinction event; the dinosaurs.
Rhian Herot the earth we have now
340 entered into 6.x the sixth greatest extinction event known in the history of life in this planet there’s 8.3 million species estimate in this planet and we’re losing more than 30,000 species a year do the math on a hundred years that’s more than 30% of the diversity on this planet that got us here today
We are experiencing an extinction event of dramatic proportions. If we don’t protect the biodiversity on this planet we are likely not only to be the cause of this extinction event but to be it’s victim.
we need to look at the seventh generation model that first peoples in Native Americans have been espousing for years what is the consequence of our actions throughout time to downstream generations
even conservative Christians in the Bible you’re supposed to leave the environment and a better state of condition than you inherited for your children. We have lost that message.
23 primates including humans consume mushrooms. the boogie monk monkey consumes more than twelve percent of us barney way now if there’s 23 primates that consumes mushrooms knowing the differences between edible and poisonous ones then that speaks to a long ancestral knowledge of kamale contact with mushrooms but how to understand
them to use them for survival so they have a utilitarian purpose and I believe that plants and mushrooms because shamanistic aliy important because of a multiplicity of benefits and
Forward : An extraordinary expansion of the human brain to million some people say 200,000 there’s a general flux the fluctuation in estimation that says this is normal in science. The human brain suddenly nearly doubled /tripled its capacity.
Hypothesis: stimulated by climate change? There were epigenetic pressures for problem solving and adapting to sudden change. Organisms are smarter and able to strategize to survive changing climates are rewarded.
Homo erectus came into Europe long before Homo sapiens. Curiously, when Homo sapiens came into Europe around 40,000 years ago, Homo erectus became extinct very quickly. Neanderthals became extinct within 4,000 years of contact.
Homo erectus and Neanderthals were happening Europe well before the final Homo Sapien migration from Africa
we made these other human-like primates extinct very rapidly. How is it that we succeeded and they did not?
Terrence and Dennis McKenna proposed a hypothesis (perhaps an unprovable hypothesis)
As climate change occurred and savannas increased the forest is decline.Our primary ancestors descended from the forest canopies in the marsh across the savanna. You’re tracking animals; you look for scat or footprints.
The largest mushroom growing in the subtropics is Salah speak Avensis. You’re hungry. The majority of primates are grub eaters and maggots grow and wild mushrooms
You share it with your family because they’re hungry, and then you have a joint experience of expanded consciousness and then it causes epigenetic neurogenesis
the ability and suddenly of mind expansion your concept’s expand we all know this
this may be the primary stimulus for the origination of Homo sapiens
how often would this happen? Not once. Not twice. Not dozens not
hundreds but millions upon millions upon millions of times over millions of years that constant stimulation into the genome of humans is a very logical reason that the human brain suddenly expanded because epoch what I call epigenetic nor Genesis so let’s look at some of these philosophies this is Las be cubensis growing an elephant dung and then the left there’s lots of commences growing on count on it it’s on many undulates you know hippopotamus zebra horses buffaloes and It co-inhabits with another mushroom cocoa clan dia sign essence are by spora and so if you don’t find this when you find this when they’re both potent souls – mushrooms so
think about tracking and hunting animals you would follow these ungulates across the prairie you may not see them but you’d find their dung you’d find these mushrooms you’re being rewarded on your track of exploration. This is a good carrot in front of your cart you know, “Honey I didn’t find the meat, but what about these mushrooms?”
The dominate hypothesis is that psilocybin degrades in the sillas in which tightly binds activates serotonin receptors stimulate neurogenesis improving visual and acuity and hearing.
Dennis said something that I think is very profound if only five to ten percent of that was Terrence stated is true that is just so important for us to be able to contemplate and this is what Psychonauts do they pushed the envelope of credibility they use their imagination the great thing about those of us who are independent thinkers who don’t have to worry about tenure at a college we’re gonna have to beware be fired by the boss we have the liberty academic liberty to explore and use our imagination we don’t have to be right every time because that 1 out of 10 times we are right is is paid for and legitimize by the minute at times that we were not right this is how progress is made
Reminder, this is not a theory it’s a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated guess to explain an observable phenomenon. A theory has been tested by science and the faculty support it
so maybe the highest owner Caucasus with all the research done clinically now will become a theory will we be able to retroactively Lee prove that psilocybin mushrooms resulted in the expansion of the human brain and human consciousness I think that time is coming
Scientific evidence on the effects of psilocybin on neurogenesis in the hippocampus and the fear of extinction of trace of fear of conditioning.
Experiment with mice. Auditory signal associated with pain. They hear the signal, and later on they will cower in fear. Upon taking doses of psilocybin they were able to disconnect and disassociate the auditory stimulus with the fear response. This shows that they were able to repattern their behavior through new channels of neurological transmission.
Psilocybin induces courage (You disassociate an environmental stimulus with fear) and kindness. This is important; those are leadership skills.
19 out of 19 patients one week after treatment and 47% of for five weeks of
treatment at a decrease in the default mode network which is your instinctive you know sort of standard operating consciousness were you able to then repattern the neurological responses and come up with new ways of thinking and new ideas.
Shamanism. (image) pictograph from the Sicilian ajar Plateau the lab written in cave complex in northern Nigeria of over 5000 BCE (7,000 years ago)
mushrooms were traditionally stored in honey so the association of magic mushrooms and honey goes back thousands of years in Mesoamerica.
this is well known and
interestingly the depression of the
Catholic Church mushrooms were banned from beer but the pivot in the Bavarian
beer Purity Act of 1516 so I mean that’s when pagans and and thus from European
ancestry were having psychoactive meads and were in the forest and we’re
celebrating nature where we couplings
this life spans were so short as to the need to have another partner was extremely high so this is the original image on the cave
it was redrawn by cap Harrison and redrawn by a friend of mine Jonathan meter
it is quite clear 7,000 years ago what this artist wanted you to know mushrooms are really important
and much of the associate with bees aren’t really important for keeping the mushrooms at Reno you know ready of him so how much and how many of these threads have knowledge have been cut we just have a little bit what happened if the libraries of Alexandria had never been burned think of that 2 million texts were burned one of the nest survived I believe I’m acted on this predicted the diameter of the earth with his 60 miles it was like amazing so it’s amazing that we’re here today we were resting on the shoulders and the ashes of our ancestors
Forward : 400 BCE Demeter is giving Persephone a mushroom before she goes into the underworld. The origination of the Greek mythology of the seasons. When Persephone consumes the mushrooms she goes down with Hades into the underworld that’s onset of winter and then she returns as spring.
Demeter is presenting the sacrament her eyes on Jay this is how maria sabina presents it to our garden wasa this is my brother John and this is how we
present the mushrooms this is not, “here take these.” this is, “Look at this. This is important. Pay attention. This is a sacrament.”
this is a universal hand gesture that many of us use when were passing something of significance to somebody else where we want them to focus and pay attention so in May 13 1957 in the middle of Cold War millions of Life magazine showed up the doorsteps of Americans which had a very good field guide to identifying magic mushrooms in Mexico by Roger I’m here and our Gordon Watson who is a Morgan trust banker and I went on to write a number of books with Valentina his wife is Russian wife including mushroom freshman in history and as well as a great monograph called lesion panelists in genomics eat and so seeking the magic mushroom the life editor’s Life Magazine Editors got to chose the title for our Gordon Watson said you can’t change anything and my text that was a deal that he made for them so magic mushrooms the term was it was donned by the editors of Life Magazine and then all over well in this Pacific slopes of Guatemala these mushroom stones were found by conquistadors when they came over from Spain into into Mesoamerica in the 1500s an edict passed by the Pope was his true destroyer all effigies that or a representative indigenous religion and so these mushroom stones were destroyed by the thousands the conquistadors brought disease venereal disease poxviruses flu viruses you know in medical terms that population of Mesoamerica was the email oddly naive they had no history of contact they had no antibodies to fight these massive disease so as a result these mushrooms tons it’s only about 200 of them in existence today and they thought to be either symbols of maybe the coat of arms of family maybe to to mark a mushroom patch or property maybe to invoke rain because Mesoamerica one of the dye backs of the civilizations related to church routes we don’t know
they turned up in farm oftentimes in farmer’s fields when they’re applying them hundreds of years later
this is Michael Pollan and myself and I am the temporary custodian of 17 of these mushroom stones and I take this I mean I’m not gonna live as long as the mushroom stones have been around so I’m only here for one generation
I want to repatriate a repatriate them back to the Mayan people. I’ve had several Mayan elders as well as the people associated with the Guatemalan government saying, “Don’t you dare. They’re safer with you than they are here.”
they were taking him back to
Guatemala they’ll be sold into the art market the unfortunately the history of corruption down there so bad so in my will high my destiny is to have these returned they didn’t hopefully done a ceremony to a Mayan temple so a shaman came to visit me and I had them all in boxes and they said Paul they want to be out and so I had this epiphany why do I have a community of families represented by these mushroom stones all in unison and so I put this together and it was so profound and powerful this is resident in my house I walk and look at this every day
I feel like I’m carrying the torch now to pass the future generations the heritage and wisdom of mushrooms and their use for future generations. This is a sacred and difficult responsibility but a responsibility they’ll hold to be very dear.
This is my brother John Stamets. John went to Yale and I grew up in a fairly large house in Ohio Columbia. I was a youngest one of five kids in the family. My dad went to Cornell, my brother John went to Yale, my brother Bill went to Cornell, and I was youngest from the family. I had a complete laboratory in the basement I mean three rows of chemical shells my blood
John was very excited about chemistry that’s why I went to major in at Yale but I could never he’d never let me play in the laboratory but we had the
radio the main radio from the aircraft
carrier intrepid in our basement my dad served on the intrepid aircraft carrier after World War two he got the main radio show we had in the basement I was listening all these coded messages behind the Iron Curtain strong these huge antennas in between you know glass insulators across the trees my yard and I doesn’t a coded messages back and playing there I was always in love with my brother John he wasn’t my five years my senior but he eventually went to Yale and he left a laboratory fully intact and now I had free rein over it so I was like so excited any experiments that said sorry Mike danger do not bring near flame you know that was my experiment I wanted to build rocket thrusters and uh yeah so John left and then he came back from Yale and he bought this book altered states of consciousness and I’m just like in John went down to Mexico and Columbia he’s incredible mushroom trips he’s telling about him I was like oh my gosh my brother is so cool but I said John that you know he was on break you know go back in two weeks and I said can I borrow this book and he goes yeah but I need it for my for my class so you can borrow it please bring it back and so John let me the book and my friend Ryan Schneider he and I tagged along together and Ryan hang out with me and in the laboratory and things like that listen the radio and and Ryan said what kind of brought the book and I go well you can’t but my brother John needs it back in a few days so Ryan bars the book a few days later I see Ryan I go hey Ryan how’s the book going it on John asking about it and either give it back to him so we got fine a few days later Ryan I need the book back and now he’s hesitating and making excuses and avoiding the conversation and
finally I said, “Ryan where is my brother’s book?” and then Ryan sheepishly look at me and says, “Paul I can’t give it back to you I know why because
my dad found it and burned it I said your dad burned my brothers book you know and I had to tell my brother who’s my hero that I I can’t give me back the book you know Ryan Steiners father bonded and burned the book and and John was extremely upset you know really I won’t trust you again you know and then I thought to myself later on that’s probably when the pivotal experience of my life that I thought if this book so inspired somebody and they feared it to burn it then I think I found the subject I wanted to explore
now I was always trying to impress my brother as it was obvious you know and
John got me into mushrooms and none and then I go suit it with a passion and before I met Michael bugles up in the new in Darren erode Arrington Washington living in a cabin in a remote cabin under a volcano and that was being self-taught you know learning about the mushrooms and as I was always trying to impress John de they know but my interest is legitimate its legitimate then John was always playing the big brother scene and and and so finally I was very honored three years ago I received the invention ambassador award for the American Academy for the Vance Minh of science triple-s that produces science magazine it’s the most prestigious scientific organization by some you know in the world and so I finally got legitimize I had to go through a gauntlet of peer reviewers and interviewers and and I was chosen as a to communicate science to the public and there’s seven of us including the inventor of digital photography so we’re in the inaugural class so I’m really excited to call my brother John saying John you know I got third party confirmation what I’m doing is legitimate so I got really really excited that call my brother up and on Friday night and I called him a few times he didn’t answer the phone and that is the night my own brother John died he died from a heart attack he I never got to tell him but it’s because of his his mentorship and and really he was very kind to me despite the grief that he gave me it was the older brother grief of trying to train the younger brother to be stronger better and smarter so I have learned through my life I think silent sound out the microbe you hear is the extension of kindness to students when they’re ignorant and innocence bashful and shy and nervous and uncertain there’s an extension of hand of generosity and not shaming them but encouraging them through their ignorance to become better that’s the foundation of my success

Michael buek dr. Daniel stunts professor emeritus University of Washington Daniel Alexander Smith University of Michigan in kits case these four individuals were absolutely pivotal my life now Mike was sort of kind of on the liberal side of the fence but these other individuals were not so liberal it was amazing because I came out of the mountains in the Cascades and I walked into Michael Hughes office and that’s my first cook of salafi cubensis in the kitchen my brother John took this photograph and there’s a great stories I don’t have time to tell him but they’re in one of my books called psilocybin mushrooms of the world the great boat Street patch 50,000 specimens we had to pick them all
every square foot admire John’s house at the University of Washington was was covered with selasa peas
which we had the bioassay but so but under Michael’s you know I I still don’t understand how to explain this but dr. Michael beYOU had three students but in particular Jonathan taught Jeremy both big wood and myself and collectively we have produced 15 to 20 books on psychedelic mushrooms and plantsand also Michael and and Jeremy wrote some of the articles that are still referenced today on the proper analytical methods chemically 4d techniques also have an insole sin’ so it just became a vortex and at that time when it was discovered that these Salafi mushrooms you didn’t have to go to Mexico or South America they were growing in the Pacific Northwest especially in Oregon and in Washington in Northern California then there was a sudden surge of interest and that surge of interest a lot of it also was steered by Ken Kesey a great Oregonian and so Ken I had several things in Congress as mushrooms we also like chainsaws and so so can I um have I have very few skills but one of them is I’m pretty damn good with a chainsaw because I was a logger for a number of years so Ken and I were talking about chainsaws and all this other stuff so I said hey Ken I’ll make this for you spores deilluminati oh s— 200 million spores of sloths of the azure essence that you can put in the chains a bar oil and as you’re cutting your alder trees you can be inoculating him with psilocybin mushrooms and then when I was at ripping one time at kind of this mantra company’s philosophy mundo I’m the obvious lovely moon dog through our planet productions I so and then in the mid-1970s our Gordon Wasson you know came to the west of the West and Daniel Stinson dr. Gaston Guzman or with the world’s monograph dr. Dan stances holding a species that later would be named after him selasa be spoon see I’m and then in the 1976 there was a first psychoactive mushroom conference and there’s the gas tank guzman gary mincer and Seth münster I think is in the audience here was his granddaughter Gary was a giant of an individual and fortunately he he died and I don’t know the name is person is Steven Pollak myself and Dale Leslie now the three of us at this group here Paul jumped into a vehicle not Gary but the rest of us and we drove from Northern California and we went to Ken Kesey’s the place and hung out there and we went all the way up to British Columbia and almost every place we stopped we found selasa fees in Vancouver British Columbia we pulled up the park the car we parked the car we opened up the door and there selasa be assigned essence by the hundreds right right where we park they’re like how does that happen it kept not happening over and over and over again it was like the mushrooms are leaving us and we’re costing the canadian porter i remember that the canadian porter guy goes you guys don’t look like you would actually associate with each other because gaston was so conservative and we’re all these like crazy looking hippie guys so so then Terence Mckenna Andy while Gary Gary Minster and then Steven Pollak so unfortunately only Andy and this picture is alive today but I knew Stephen Pollak quite well and Stephen Pollock was murdered when I was on the phone with him not talking to Steve and probably a year Steve was trying to patent selasa peace and penances for a treatment against autism because he had some autistic children and he was giving doses of the sclerosis Lhasa be temp announces and he found that they were breaking out of their autistic behavior they actually were communicating and and I were radical change of behaviour so he wanted to file a patent on slots beat em pronounces in treating autism I disagreed with Sybaris Lee with Steve and I’m happy to say that cuz I don’t see the canvas as black and white or people like that their shades of cry but Steve wanted a patent this new species I know you can’t patent a new species out of nature but then I found a precedent with Campbell Soup they had a fungus they did patent it was a new species and so I called Steve up one night saying Steve I don’t agree with your patent application but in all honesty here’s some evidence that could help you Steve is really busy yeah I’m a boy Steve was just the three sentence reference they call me back it was really busy yelling up the phone and then I call him back and he goes I go ok you know kept on getting interrupted and and if you read this story by Hamilton Morris I was at the cello in mushroom conference and I called out the audience if there’s a journalist in here I have a story for you about the death of Stephen Pollock and so I called him a third time and now I’m getting a little frustrated Steve this is to your advantage not to mine write down the friggin reference will you you know quick and he interrupted he goes I’m sorry Paul and someone’s at the door call me back later I go the third time gonna call you back he goes no I I have to go I have to go he hung up the phone open up the door or 357 Magnum in the back of his head he was murdered I was the last person I talked to him story gets totally bizarre two years later I had a thrift shop someone buys an old tape recorder there’s a tape in the tape recorder buys it for five bucks it’s gonna throw the tape away I thought now what the heck oh listen to that tape undercover operation internally within the San Antonio Police Department to capture on tape a corrupt cop who admits to killing the mushroom dr. Stephen Pollock on tape I get word that this tape exists like oh this is totally weird how is this possible and I hear a portion of the tape and he’s saying did you kill the mushroom doctor and the cop says yes I did I offed him he had $200,000 cash in his house so I told this journalist Hamilton Morris he tracks it down he finds the tape as an excellent read it’s spooky but Steve Pollack had some wonderful attributes about I mean it’s a negative ones but that and his contribution and looking at curing neuropathy and psychological diseases as Senator pensall Simon I think he was way ahead of his time so later on and we have I realized that I knew there were pranksters and then I also knew the psychedelic chemists why don’t we bring them together for a conference at Brighton Bush hot springs and so so there’s an the wild there’s Terence Mckenna there is Gary link off you know the Shogun’s are there Oh Sasha and Shulgin that’s me you know and so we had a hundred and thirty people forty presenters you know the rest of them were attendees and I lost control the conference there was a giant witch’s brew and there’s about ten speeds that psilocybin mushroom Salafi sign Dustin’s bassist assignor fabulosa 7-1 CA de on and on and after you know a 10:00 11:00 at night the witches brew was consumed you had a hundred and forty people tripping their brains out all dressed up for Halloween dancing the fabulous reggae music and I end up going over to the pot going I’m done I cannot do this conference again so that was the end of the micro media conferences as some of you attended but the conference did continue you know in Amsterdam and elsewhere and Palenque or Jonathon lot and Terence Mckenna or the Tata numerous conferences lots of books were coming out on psilocybin mushrooms some of them are really really bizarre highly inaccurate dangerously inaccurate but love love this book this is a golden guide to hallucinogenic plants when every 8th grader needs to learn about right immediately taken off the market these are collector items worth $500 apiece and then I for my books here and slots of our summer allies and still so much of the world’s growing gourmet medicinal mushroom 600 so selasa me cubensis begin to Selassie be commenced a scholarship fund and universities and colleges all over the world where students will grow psilocybin mushrooms in their closets and now no one really made much money at this is paying tuition kind of reinvigorating the local economy you know by by helping the universities get paid the tuition and but the cells I have mushroom cultivation spread all dr. Michael beYOU and and because of his expertise was able to write a similar article cackling identifying psilocybin from other diagnostic tryptamines and then this was published as a Michael was in a perfect
position being a chemist to apply for a drug enforcer ministration license which
Michael did we receive myself and Jeremy Bigwood were covered under the umbrella of this license
so I discovered the name then for new psilocybin mushroom species la spiaggia residence the deforms fried American eyes front senator Lewis and WileyI and I believed everybody was a DEA agent because we think I’m super popular and we began really paranoid because everybody wanted to get close to us and so we just thought they’d have to be DDA there wouldn’t be this friendly to us otherwise right but so I came on the motto and I still invited us today nature provides I don’t okay I I don’t cross that line for lots of reason not always legally puts me in jeopardy but I don’t want to be responsible for someone it’s bad trip think about that you give somebody souls I have mushroom they have a bad trip you own part of that you know did the user responsibly do you give them enough information I think that’s really important that’s why I think the therapeutic and controlled use of these you know is much more important than the recreational use so be as it may we evolve we get better we develop traditions and rituals that indigenous peoples have developed over thousands of years we haven’t had those so I’m going to show you this is I just decided this year to release these these are in my vault so I’m going to show you a few little short movies but here’s one on Selassie addresses the most potent psilocybin mushroom in the world Movie : readings and meet selasa be Azure essence salah sofia her essence is probably one of the most potent mushrooms in the world it contains sullivan insulting up to two percent of his dried mass think of that two percent of the dried masses mushroom are psychoactive crystals why would a mushroom produce so much we don’t know but it certainly has attracted the interest of humansthe bluing that you see here is a bruising reaction is indicative of citizen as it degrades and the more blue you see the more selsun there once was now psilocybin dephosphorylation to sila sin and when you ingest these mushrooms citizen becomes a serotonin agonistit means that that this loss I have in there where the soul sin becomes a temporary neurotransmitter opening up the floodgates of the senses now this mushroom is sinuous it’s got a sinuous stem which means it bends back and forth is bluing very very strongly and it has these a very indicative spore color here on the annular zone and the spore colors purple brown and the mushrooms are blueish those two features in combination pretty much the facto determines this Lhasa fee now look how bodacious the rhizome morphs are at the base of the stem this is a large selasa fee by far the largest one that I know that grows on wood chips in the Pacific Northwest it is now a popular one to have in your backyard it’s just fun it’s just naturalized in the woods here and this is a beautiful fruiting of them and the Salafis many of the woodland selasa bees have this chestnut brown caramel colorthis one is unique in that it’s got these um boughs and there is a broad um bow and the cap is very circular the bruising reaction is just from impact of rain perhaps this mushroom is one of the most fascinating and interesting ones to grow those who choose to partake of this mushroom should be warned these are exceptionally potent and oftentimes they can cause temporary paralysis loss of muscle control so that is not a good thing it seems that most people who boil this mushroom in hot water those symptoms seem to be alleviated but this is a clearly a sacred species and I love just personally touching it it’s not a mushroom that I that I enjoy eating it’s almost too potent for me and but it is a species that I greatly admire I love touching it enough handling I love seeing it and it’s a great indicator of the habitat in my magical mushroom forest that is very conducive to spiritual experiences so another species that is much rarer but really important to point this out for the medical record especially from the number of medical researchers that are here will be seeing this talk is selasa pibe of assistance it’s not gonna be bad sistas is very different than the the caramel-colored of their selasa bees it’s associated with Douglas fir but it’s very very dark in color it’s and a family of five in Kelso Washington in 1961 or 1962 early consumed these mushrooms over several days and one child end up dying and so at the University of Washington samples were sent and done dr. Alexander Smith was given a samples of a mushroom that was thought to be similar the mushrooms that were consumed no specimens survived some stomach material to survive Alexander Smith then identified the mushrooms as being selasa b-bear Cistus and then a compound was identified called biosystem named after Selassie bear system beautifully being suggested maybe this is the indoor compound that caused the death of the child well there’s lots of Aveo Cistus that selasa be sign essence that’s the specimens that were that of Schlossman sisters that Smith was supposedly identified that were representative of what was consumed in Kelso Washington in this scientific report these mushrooms resemble sinuses they do not resemble bear Cistus moreover and this is the most important fact that I want to communicate I have tried in other the DEA license a clone selasa may bear sisters many times barely ever grow thin wispy mycelium always died back I never got it to grow well sausage sinus when you grow it it’s fabulous rise amorous beautiful growth because in the article they took spore material and they germinated it and they put it into a firm antenna into a medium flask and they got luxurious growth that doesn’t happen folks salami bit assistance I can assure you you know all the times I tried to grow it I couldn’t get into culture and stabilize the culture to get any sort of thick mycelium whatsoever so that also suggests that this mushroom was the one that was responsible with Sian essence not bail assistance the compound should not be called bio system it should be called Sian Essen it’s a misnomer but BAE assistant is legal today the analog drug lock may may cover it not known but psilocybin dephosphorylation to so listen there’s a methylated form of Bayeux system of a methylated form of psilocybin and it is it is different basically up here in this branch so it may be that they have assistant is also a a psilocybin analog that we should look at for therapeutic use I’m not sure about the legalities of this but this is something should be explored because this is a compound that may be confer the benefits of psilocybin in a uniquely different way other species are salafi students see I named after al dr. Daniel stunts University of Washington a new species called Salah Sofia Linea selasa be assemble on c8 and many of you know about that the pretty caps is a lot to be película this is the only one I find in the old-growth forest that’s native it’s the only one I find you know yeah deep in the forest where all the other selasa bees the woodland selasa bees are all associated with woodchips selasa Messiaen essence to the best of my knowledge has never been found in a native environmentyeah we have a professor that cuz I could probably say this okay dr. pulpers milliwatts totally straight guy at the Evergreen State College and he got loads of woodchips and he give it to his friends and they said they were really excited said Paul all these thoughts maybe sign doesn’t come on your wood chips he was horrified but it turns out from my estimation about one out of four truckloads of alder chips will carry selasa P sinuses to your yard and that suggests that it’s endemic and maybe an end the fight inside isn’t alder trees it’s associated with them but it’s not presented until you chip the true the wood and you kill the tree we don’t know we don’t know where the ecosystem and the wild is for lots of you sinuses so here’s another moving Movie: throughout the temperate regions of Europe and the Pacific Northwest one of the most interesting selasa bees to collect is one that grows near ponds in the grass and this this field has not had cows on it for more than ten years so cows and sheep can help but they’re not necessary and this is a loss to be similan CH a– they famed Liberty Cap SS quiz it little food in here it’s got a translucent straight margin use his striations they’re actually the gills showing through the cap and the cap also has a separate whole gelatinous pellicle so here is one over here we can look at and as you tear the cap there is a film that is clearly visible and you guys well that’s a really big one that film stretches them breaks so these mushrooms are purple brown spores that several words Latins pellicle and they typically have a sharp um bow or nipple at the very very top of the cap and this papilla or nipple is not always in every specimen but it’s quite characteristic of the species in general so it’s a lot to be similan see it many people when they pick similar Sierra they don’t realize that the stem is so long I think it’s a mutualistic species with the rhizomes of grass almost like a pseudo mycorrhizal relationship which it means it’s not obligatory but it benefits from it and the stems often are picked because there people don’t realize that the stem length is way way down so be careful always trying to get the base system if you canokay so let’s look at some of the research with the suicide mushrooms is that was a great presentation earlier that talked about this but Johns Hopkins really kind of really was one of the early institutions that did clinical studies showing that a mystical type experience is extended even 14 months later as stated the about seventy percent of people at thirty milligrams had a extraordinarily beneficial experience that they would state it was the most than the top five experiences of our life met some people said that the most mystical experience of our life and the positive experiences lasted well beyond more than a year from the time of the experience and we remembering the experience led to a positive psychological outcome and mood the individuals who had a negative experience the native experience did not extend more than the experience itself they said I’m not gonna do that again so it’s very interesting now when they lowered I talked to the research that Johns Hopkins where they lower the dose from 30 milligrams to 10 milligrams everybody had enough positive experience at 30 milligrams it was just too intense of a trip you know was and people were in settled by up so this very interesting now a number of studies have come out these are fascinating that Association is not necessarily causation but it can be let’s not discount this four hundred and eighty thousand people surveyed by HHS and psilocybin used was associated with a 27% decrease odds of larceny and theft 22% decrease of odds for property crime this is with prisoners people who trip on psilocybin mushrooms are less prone to compete have criminal behavior well as it’s also then twelve hundred and sixty-six community members aged between sixty and seventy this is a study that is just coming out in 2018 shown that a negative relationship between psychedelic use and intimate partner violence [Music] people who trip tend not to be violent to their partners that really curiously in the survey it was isolated to men not women men who tripped tend not to beat their their their spouse or partners or have violent acts against them extraordinary now based and another one is responsiveness in the depression to reconnect with their emotions when you are depressed you’re not as creative and when you’re depressed amia logically studies have shown your immune system is also depressed you’re more susceptible to disease you know not as productive in society you know it’s creative you’re not contributing as much so this is way of breaking out the depressive cycle and becoming more creative a reset mechanism has been proposed specifically and this has been talked about by others and then at Johns Hopkins and it’s extraordinary because dusty and I my wife and I made 20 of these mushroom stones and then the mold broke and we’re our castings that we made and our mushroom stone ended up at Johns Hopkins was right beside people that had 700 trips you know it was like I was there you know so Louise Schwartz burger and I are making a movie is a great out lies called fantastic fungi it’s been making it for the past 12 years and Louis sends his greetings and the movie is extraordinarily well done be coming out here in the next few months but Louie was able to give me permission to show you a clip from the movie and so I’m gonna this is an extraordinary clip that he’s put together Louis Schwartzberg fantastic fungi from moving art productions [Music] anyone who’s had one of those experiences in a country where it’s not legal to have them is stuck in this position where something really precious and really giving a great gift to you is not understood by the culture at large and furthermore puts you or other people or and other people at risk of prosecution and one response to that is to get angry and to want to fight that then another response to it is to say we’ve got to explain to people what’s going on here and when people understand it then there will be accommodation and respect I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer my diagnosis was so bad that my project it was you know they weren’t giving me anything to any chance whatsoever my diagnosis was kidney cancer finding out that you may want to get your affairs in order I first found out about the study when my oncologist gave me a pamphlet he said here’s something that might be able to help you with the anxiety and I was accepted into the study the most important thing is to remember that you’re always safe and a recommendation is that whatever is coming up that you allow it that you don’t have to like it but you say okay rather than trying to run away from it once a volunteer is enrolled in the study they’re with us for the preparation the psilocybin sessions and the integration follow-ups after I have been a guide for around 350 psilocybin sessions and then about a thousand of the preparatory and integration meetings all right it’s really just about experiencing what comes up as psilocybin takes effect [Music] and the intense part of this journey this world and things that matter to most people family and all that that wasn’t even what it was about miss anything mystical can’t be explained it’s something like that it’s it’s it’s it’s a feeling of such immense power that you can’t even imagine I’ve never felt anything like it before it was about being in a place of infinite space and just being there there’s a experience a positive mood sometimes open-heartedness love
transcendence of time and space and then finally it’s thought to be ineffable people say I can’t describe that experience [Music] in my mind I said okay hold it if I give myself over to you can you promise me that I will be in at least as strong a shape it was when I entered this room and I felt a voice that I needed to heed do you think I would disrespect my own handiwork [Music] this is the voice from on high saying do you think I would disrespect my child and I felt so beautiful I felt like I have never felt before my sense of being loved of being worthy of love of being cared for being important to someone it’s huge [Music] don’t you [Music] [Applause] one third of individuals in the study said it’s the single most spiritually significant experience of their lives about 70 percent say it’s the among the five most personally meaningful experiences of their lives and you say well so what what does that mean you know and and initially I thought I wonder if they don’t have pretty dull lives now people would say you know when my firstborn came into this world I’ll never forget that and life has never been the same since or my father passed away that was deeply moving to me I’m different now in the world they say you know it’s kind of like that the most glorious part was that it made me feel more comfortable with with living you know because you’re not afraid of dying frankly I’m just a laboratory scientist and I wasn’t prepared for that from the memory of the transcendental state of consciousness many people report less anxiety less depression less preoccupation with pain closer interpersonal relationships and perhaps most impressive they claim to have a loss of the fear of death it recalibrates how they see death it’s been amazing here no talk about this idea of love many of them spoke about how nature itself is something like a substance called love and I’ve been touched that they’ve recalibrated and shaped how they died to fill it [Music] thank you lose horse bird there was a cascade of research coming out 2017-2018 there’s about 20 new articles if you do Google Scholar alerts rotate to the student to this there is a lot for especially for treatment of psychiatric disorders for which there are no other drugs that are working so interesting that it also changes their perception of the view of the environment it with the use of psychedelics predicts a pro-environmental behavior this is a large-scale survey fourteen hundred and eighty seven people and then up from the experiences with salt high when they felt more connected with the nature for us that hunt these mushrooms when we pick these mushrooms we understand the mycelial network that is underneath them we are we connecting literally to the web of life of nature these fungal networks of the foundation of the food chain they have helped steer the evolution or ecosystems and indeed our own species and for treatment-resistant depression article 2018 he increased nature relatedness and decreased authoritarian political views yet again pranksters we need you so and that the Silicon Valley is now using psilocybin mushrooms at for micro dosing to increase coding ability I have intimate personal knowledge of coders as some of the largest internet companies you know all of these you use them every day and many of their coders are now doing tripping on Sullivan on daily basis this also having a chocolate by the way that seems to be the preferred and then the salafi cubensis scale you’re looking at between one tenth and you know and 0.5 grams the threshold liftoff is one gram you’re getting pretty good dose but five grams it’s a hero’s journey that’s lost week Avensis and you’re doing doses and then you acclimate it to it very quickly don’t feel any change and I think those are a little bit high but nevertheless it speaks to what I call epigenetic neurogenesis maybe now this is the time for the next paradigm shift maybe this is the time now that we need to have an expansion and human consciousness to come up with the creativity the codes necessary to solve the problems that we face today which are monumental by every estimation so now a study that is impressed right now dr. Roland Griffiths Johns Hopkins is pushing for South Island to be rescheduled from schedule 1 to a schedule for drugs have no potential and I would this study is in press rolling and the team emailed me today and this is something that I think we should really look at because if it is rescheduled from schedule why not the
schedule to the schedule for and those of you have tripped on these mushrooms you know the experience happening in hero’s journey the next day you look at the mushroom you go no way this Terence Mckenna said when you get the message hang up the phone right these are not mushrooms of abuse potential I do think they should remain illegal in the sense that I don’t want somebody driving down a country road are they’ve out in the country tripping on cubensis you know I think we need to have some type of structure there under controlled setting said of course you don’t want to be running a nuclear power plant driving in you know flying an airplane you know on these mushrooms so reasonable constraints need to be put into place so philosophy as residents lots of me sinuses and I look at the difference lots of my sinuses on the left there is lots of you addresses addresses is there much larger species so I’ve come up with something and I’m here to present this I’m presenting this now for the benefit of those people who have ETA licenses who are chemists and who will fully abide by the rule of law okay that should cover me I hope but I discovered something very bizarre called blue juice this is really antithetical to the basic chemistry analytical methods because you want to use solvents and heat kids extracts things better but I found if you chop fresh mushrooms up and you put them in a jar with ice cubes and then you let the Ice Cube’s melt over about five days 33 35 degrees one to two degrees Celsius then you extract out the salt I was insulting without extracting to help the beta glucans when all the heavy molecular weight sugars and I saying it isolate this psilocybin in cold water and make ice cubes for burning man again purely for research purposes but this could be helpful in fractionating out so chemists and the audience might look at this vegan wah this is a very interesting fractionation sequence because fractionation is very expensive you have to get rid of all the other jump so how to change your mind I’m gonna keep here this audience to read that book and I want to introduce you another another towards the end of my talk here another mushroom which is legal which is a mushroom that also spurs neurogenesis and that’s lion’s mane mushrooms Lions a much of the very most stimulant factors that are sadly in the riveters discovered by a mycologist in japan called ecology she without patents on in 1994’s off-patent i don’t know how he came up with this he was looking for antibacterial compounds and he found that lion’s mane mushrooms stimulate neurons to regrow moreover it causes a remyelination regeneration of myelin sheath under on the on the axons of nerves this is yielding that allows neurotransmission and a number of experiments do clinical studies have come out mild dementia and also post menopausal depression showing statistically significant improvement or people taking two to five grams of this mushroom per day interestingly with both study groups when they stopped taking the mushrooms then they regressed now but there’s a study specifically with mice and this is the one that I’m most excited about it’s a behavioral study and what they did is initially they had mice and they put them into an arena and then they had an exit door and it was a t-test basically they go left to get the food the right they wouldn’t get the food so very quickly the hundred mice realize Oh to get food so it really good snaps on that and then they inject them with a cycle peptide that induce amyloid plaque formation they which is the degeneration of the myelin sheath that substitutes with amyloid plaque that interferes of neurons missing typical of Alzheimer’s patients upon death and resection they look for amyloid plaque formation in the brain they can see this and this is a symptomatic of also replications and their progression towards dementia so Windows mice when they when they inject them the same with plaque they would resect some of the sacrum or some of the mice they would resect their brains that we see the amyloid plaque formation so they had the cause and effect of the cyclic peptide causing the amyloid plaque in the and the demyelination those mice then when they went down the corridor they didn’t randomized they couldn’t remember short-term memory was lost they could remember which way to go so when they fed those mice then for about 22 to 23 days they then their behavior changed they we remembered and then they statistically significantly then chose the corridor that led to the food upon sacrificing those mice and recycling their brains they found a massive reduction of amyloid plaque formation and remyelination on the axons another study it’s far more interesting to me they did with the mice they had the mice in the arena they put it in a toy and the mice explored the toy that was all good and dandy and they put in a new toy and now with clickers they did how many points of contact with the mice how many mites came up with a new toy sniffing explored it and they got a very very large data sets they did the same thing injected the mice of the cycle peptide that caused amyloid plaque formation demyelination and then when they put in the second toy there’s no interest on those mice they then the fed the lion’s mane mushrooms and as the Erin a scenes are coming from the mycelium so to be specifically here Erin a seeds comes the mycelium heroes no skinnfloot bodies the Erin Asians are far more actor than the her Simone’s they found out later but when those bytes then were given the lion’s mane then they then we explored and we discovered novelty inquisitiveness creativity creativity leads to happiness happiness leads to creativity depression leads to malaise and lack of creativity doesn’t contribute to society so this is extraordinary that this mushroom is perfectly legal and yet causes and massive it’s been described as the best mirko’s factors ever discovered in science thus far causing we myelination and removing my plaques so this is a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical a patient that shows the cognitive function compared to the placebo group and news 8 years axons and this is from science photo and this shows that the amyloid plaque formations on the nerve neurons of an Alzheimer’s patient that is what’s removed and interferes with signal transmission remyelination occurs upon consuming the mushrooms so here’s more lion’s mane mushrooms though the other ones called bear’s head trisomy of biases court lore nice just once you commonly have in the whole growth force you know in the second birth for us around here in Oregon so if you want to study psilocybin $7,000 a gram to buy psilocybin clinically and it’s got to be ninety-nine point eight percent pure anything less than that the impurities have to be studied so there’s a high benchmark and so this is very very expensive so I’m presenting to you a nootropic vitamin complex a stacking formula for epigenetic neurogenesis when you combining psilocybin and Erin a scenes or philosophy mushrooms and lion’s mane mushrooms and your stocking yet with niacin nicotinic acid now I came up with this this is formula because it was well known and I thought it said more senior people in the audience I can’t quite see all of you how many of you remembered in the 60s and 70s that if you want to come down from a soul Symon mushroom or an LSD trip you would take niacin does anybody remember that a show of hands yeah the numbers of people what so you know it may not necessarily be true but it was common knowledge now niacin vitamin b3 excites the endpoints of the nervous system you get a red flush those of you taking vitamin b3 you know you get this red flush you get itchy all over so I thought if the vascular system is intact and you want to create neurogenesis oftentimes neuropathies occur at the endpoints of the nervous system the toes and the fingers deadening on the toes and the fingers loss of sensation if you did then excite those your arms by using vitamin b3 is a driver to bring sullivan and Erin a scenes to the endpoints of the nervous system neurogenesis then can repair the neuropathies that were occurring that’s what I’m suggesting that’s why I wanted to study clinically we have three groups in Canada right now they’re quite excited about this the FDA in the United States this past week I told some researchers Charlie Grove and his group at UCLA that I’m working with that they won’t approve psilocybin mushrooms for a clinical study even though it could be standard on us however it goes from schedule one discuss before they may change their tune on that so this is something I think we all suffer we our society in this country is losing intellectual capital due to dementia Parkinson’s diseases Alzheimer’s this is a loss of knowledge that knowledge has been accumulated at the expect great expense and for us to lose this knowledge at our society not passing on the future narration is robbing you know our generation if the essential knowledge it’s like we are losing libraries of exams Andrea every day what if we could preserve those libraries and pass them off for three generations how will that help the evolution of our species it will help enormous Lea so we all want to suffer from some form of neuropathy as we age and even though you may not take psilocybin mushrooms it’s really interesting because I talked to some conservative people who never dare trip on LSD or magic mushrooms but the concept of taking one twentieth of a dose and may leads to neurogenesis and prevents dementia and they can kind of be cool with their kids and grandkids yeah that’s really appealing that’s really appealing because the thing is the self awareness of your encroaching dementia leads to depression and to be able to be more creative more cognitively astute and there’s many you know one of the symptoms of eating this mushrooms is laughter so this is something I think we should explore I think this this idea has legs you know the idea of stacking these together now Lions Mane’s are perfectly legal mushroom you go out and use these today so I’m not advocating you breaking the law but I think that we have to push the envelope here to come up with some of the creative solutions that we need today so the other thing I want to mention it because a lot of researchers have missed this even the mice were given low doses of psilocybin it extinguished the fear conditioning response more so than high doses this is an argument for low dose in micro dosing and this is what I think it’s season II we explored you don’t have to give somebody a full-blown trip neurogenesis can occur at sub-threshold doses of you noticing that you have there is that there’s an effect so this should be explored this there’s this credibility in this argument okay well it’s not always safe out there to collect wild mushrooms this is a gala rana marginata the new name for it is a photograph that I took with selasa me students di and gallant run on margin Aida are growing so close together they’re touching each other one is deadly poisonous the gallon runners are deadly poisonous many people have died from colorado poisonous be aware join a mycological Society you know be careful take sport prints get a good feel guides one of the what a measurement that I use with guild mushrooms if the sport print is purple brown and the mushrooms Bruce bluish with very few exceptions is highly probable you have a magic mushroom sauce I’m producing mushroom those two things must be true purple brown sport prints and breweries bruising blueish now there’s a group called stropharia cerulean that’s a bluish group of strophe areas they’re not thought to be that poisonous and they’re not they don’t have souls I’ve been in them but largely that’s true if you have a firm around sport print and the mushrooms bruise bluish it’s likely to be suicide mushroom but you need to need further tests and have it authenticated by an expert so there are some light brown mushrooms light-sport brown mushrooms that are active this is Jim novelist ludia folios this indigenous is unique to alder trees here and almost rubra all honest aldo in the Pacific Northwest and this is a very rare species very hard to identify and it grows in very surprising locations and here is was a short clip of a very surprising location where I found it okay this is July 8 2011 and it’s just hard to believe that Paul stamps is both will be growing a psychoactive mushroom but it’s true and though it’s not the best specimen right but this is Janice luteal coleus is unique to alter as a very rare species that most mycologists would not be able to identify it I just have to have a specialty in this area and it is it’s so weird because my friend clay here hey clay he said he’d found a mushroom going off of the boat and you brought it to me from your friends right and it was also Jim Napoles luteal foliage so it begs the question now is this mushroom indigenous to Northwest boats and I’ve never found this in the wild I’ve seen it done a Mike Latta society but uh I go figure now I’m not gonna pick it so I guess I’m not breaking the law or am I breaking the law because it’s growing here I know what it is I don’t know what to do I know bizarre Jim al-khalili Oh focus on Stannis’s boat and we’ve had more than one sighting of this on this boat and more than one boat now two bucks so go figure now visit knee maybe why some of these species came over to North America from Europe the pilgrims came over and the boats and then the boats were rotting so they built houses out of it and that became a micro logical footprint on the shores of North America very plausible so science on Sullivan is getting weird is so weird so I don’t know if you know about this here is massive spora this is sick a denim this is a cicada every 17 years they come out of the crowd and it turns out I saw these in Ohio all the time I actually saw ones that would be moldy like this and it turns out that that mold is packed full of psilocybin and so cicadas when they’re breaking out in the Midwest and they’re getting this mold as mold is packed full of psilocybin it rots off their butt and their butt falls off with the genitals but the then the executors are flying around becomes hyper sexualized and then they will go to females and try to engage them with male courtship rituals or they’ll actually feminized themselves and go to males to attract males to copulate with them even though they have no sexual organs just to get in contact so the spores can be transferred to the adjacent cicada weird so where is this all going well I think I have no friggin clue but when you having a cicada outbreak you know in the future you know I’m wondering what’s gonna be happening because these I know I know what to say so but I do want to say this and I want to end my talk it was something that’s important I think to all of us my experience with psilocybin mushrooms and the kindness of the individuals that have helped me as leading to some paradigm shifting breakthroughs I’m restricted to do to confidentiality but on October 4th at 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Time what has been described as the most prestigious scientific journal in the world they’ll be publishing an article by me I’m the primary author and 10 other co-authors including USDA virologists Orson State University entomologists and I have come to a paradigm-shifting breakthrough there’s absolutely critical the bios of route secured across this planet now I’m not gonna say more but you all will be hearing about this I think the press teams are involved major PR firms are involved it’s a testimonial to support the importance of biodiversity for the continued survival on this planet and that natural products will be more powerful than pharmaceuticals for a broader Bioshield of benefits with less adverse reactions this is a wedge discovering it is paradigm shifting I am so honored to be the messenger of this and this is something that some of you about the window have you seen my other work but it comes from my frame being affected positively I believe by psilocybin mushroom experienced and their reverence I have for nature so we have the lights now and I just want to finish with this short two-minute clip [Music] [Laughter] [Music] mushroom mycelium represents rebirth rejuvenation regeneration [Music] fungi generate soil that gives life [Music] the task that we face today is to understand the language of nature my mission is to discover the language of nature of the fungal networks that communicate with the ecosystem and I believe nature is intelligent the fact that we lack the language skills to communicate with nature does not impugn the concept that nature is intelligent it speaks to our inadequacy for communication [Music] if we don’t get our act together and come in commonality and understand with the organisms that sustain us today not only will we destroy those organisms but we will destroy ourselves [Music] we need to have a paradigm shift in our consciousness will it take to achievement in the morning I tried the pass code to make it court ready of the evolution of lifeless planet I’m gonna try reading our factors I try how many people are not trying if you knew that every breath you took could save hundreds of lives into the future have you walked down this country why didn’t you run down as fast as you could is I believe nature is a force of good washing good is not only a concept and it is a spirit like so hopefully the spirit of goodness will survive are you on the bus are you off the bus today is the day for the Paradise City I want to thank you all get on the bus Thank You pranksters thank you all let’s go forward together [Applause] you

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