2015 – Age 30

“Reveal the child and all your biases, because out of that, the truth comes.” –Adam Savage

The previous year I had purchased a beautiful leather-bound journal, and only wrote in it for two years. Here are excerpts from my journaling efforts this year. It’s not long after this that I officially adopted this online blog instead, preferring it’s flexibility in expressing my thoughts. Continue reading “2015 – Age 30”

My Autobiography

It all started back in 1985.

Sometimes I remember random little stories or just a smattering of details from my childhood, or I’ll be cleaning and unearth an old half-written journal from years ago. Maybe a family member sent some old pictures that inspire a memory. I know I’m not a very interesting person, nor am I a very gifted writer or storyteller, but I’d like to write down a few of the things I remember for posterity. Maybe someday someone would like to read them. Continue reading “My Autobiography”