Our Wedding Day (Part 1)

Getting Ready

(Thanksgiving 2016–I started this post but backdated to the correct chronological time) I was at my parent’s house and I was going though some old photos. I was enjoying (again!) all of our beautiful wedding pictures that were taken by some very talented folks at Midwest Lifeshots. We spared no expense on best photographer we could find, and spent considerable time vetting various photographers before settling on MLS. This was easily the best decision we made regarding the wedding because they were able to cement into our minds all of the details that we had planned into the day. Continue reading “Our Wedding Day (Part 1)”

Grandma & Grandpa S (My Dad’s Parents)

Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house always meant a road trip. They lived on the southwestern border of Iowa–practically in Nebraska, so it took some time to drive there from Minnesota. Their city is a fun little town with a lot of character; shiny casinos ablaze with twinkling lights, and greasy black trainyards that stretch on and on. Trains is most certainly what puts their city on the map. Continue reading “Grandma & Grandpa S (My Dad’s Parents)”

Grandma & Grandpa D (My Mom’s Parents)

Elegance, movies, melted butter, Smarties, and love.

For most of my childhood, going to Grandma and Grandpa D’s house felt like a long trip, but in actuality it was probably much shorter drive than getting to my other Grandparent’s house. They actually lived in the city I was born in. My mom and dad met and married here too. It’s a small town, but it had its perks. My favorite was the huge municipal swimming pool where I spent many fun hours playing with my cousins. Continue reading “Grandma & Grandpa D (My Mom’s Parents)”

My Autobiography

It all started back in 1985.

Sometimes I remember random little stories or just a smattering of details from my childhood, or I’ll be cleaning and unearth an old half-written journal from years ago. Maybe a family member sent some old pictures that inspire a memory. I know I’m not a very interesting person, nor am I a very gifted writer or storyteller, but I’d like to write down a few of the things I remember for posterity. Maybe someday someone would like to read them. Continue reading “My Autobiography”