Grandma & Grandpa S (My Dad’s Parents)

Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house always meant a road trip. They lived on the southwestern border of Iowa–practically in Nebraska, so it took some time to drive there from Minnesota. Their city is a fun little town with a lot of character; shiny casinos ablaze with twinkling lights, and greasy black trainyards that stretch on and on. Trains is most certainly what puts their city on the map. Continue reading “Grandma & Grandpa S (My Dad’s Parents)”

Grandma & Grandpa D (My Mom’s Parents)

Elegance, movies, melted butter, Smarties, and love.

For most of my childhood, going to Grandma and Grandpa D’s house felt like a long trip, but in actuality it was probably much shorter drive than getting to my other Grandparent’s house. They actually lived in the city I was born in. My mom and dad met and married here too. It’s a small town, but it had its perks. My favorite was the huge municipal swimming pool where I spent many fun hours playing with my cousins. Continue reading “Grandma & Grandpa D (My Mom’s Parents)”

My Autobiography

It all started back in 1985.

Sometimes I remember random little stories or just a smattering of details from my childhood, or I’ll be cleaning and unearth an old half-written journal from years ago. Maybe a family member sent some old pictures that inspire a memory. I know I’m not a very interesting person, nor am I a very gifted writer or storyteller, but I’d like to write down a few of the things I remember for posterity. Maybe someday someone would like to read them. Continue reading “My Autobiography”