Teaching Toddlers Music

Today I broke out a harp music book in front of my kid for the first time since I started reading books to him. It’s been a while since I played from a music book, I’m not gonna lie. Since he’s been born, I’ve been busy with reading guitar and ukulele chords/tabs because they’re way easier, and also a lot of fun. (By the way, for those that aren’t in the “harp club”, harp music looks almost the same as piano music. There’s a treble clef and a bass clef with “golf club” notes on a 5-lined staff.) I’ve never been particularly gifted at reading music, because I generally prefer learning tunes by ear. Continue reading “Teaching Toddlers Music”

Our Wedding Day (Part 3)

The Ceremony

Let’s get married! This is a long post (again) but it shouldn’t take you any longer to sit through an actual ceremony. It’ll be fun! Let’s go.

It just so happens that the preacher sent us an email with the whole ceremony written out, which is really handy as I’m actually writing this post 5 years after the wedding. As I re-read it, I don’t remember it at all. I must have been so high on adrenaline, his words just flew by in a flash. Continue reading “Our Wedding Day (Part 3)”

Abroad in Ireland (Part 2) — Weekend in Cork

It’s drenched in mystery and you feel like a fairy might peep out behind a rock at any moment.

I went down to Cork to retrieve my harp from Brendan the harpmaker. He had waited for too long to bring it to me in Derry, so I finally gave up hope of that. I thought since I’m going to make the trip all the way to the southern end of the country I may as well tour around and see some sights!

Continue reading “Abroad in Ireland (Part 2) — Weekend in Cork”

Abroad in Ireland (Part 1) — Weekend in Dublin

Pilgrimage to the Brian Boru harp.

Arcadia, the organization that set up my study abroad program, also sponsored a couple of trips for us so that we could see the country as well as meet other students that were also studying abroad. One of the trips was down to Dublin and the area nearby. They paid and planned for almost everything. All we had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride. Continue reading “Abroad in Ireland (Part 1) — Weekend in Dublin”