A minority can be LOUD and they’re instantly covered by the media. Beware of pluralistic ignorance or the “spiral of silence” where a minority or toxic ideology can take over.

—Michael Shermer

There’s a selective focus because of social media and real-time coverage of these incidences. I wonder to what extent the problem really exists on college campuses, because I’ve never seen any of the outrage or riots at any campus I’ve taught at or given talks. You never see anything. Most of the time it’s just people and students doing their thing. It’s a minority, but they’re LOUD, and they’re instantly covered. So it SEEMS like, based on the coverage, that I should expect to walk onto a campus and see rioting everywhere. In reality, you don’t see anything. There’s the idea of pluralistic ignorance or the “spiral of silence” where a minority or toxic ideology can take over a country (like Germany). —Michael Shermer (paraphrased)

Global phenomenon of people getting outraged over small things.

Amy Chua says later on here. (Another Paraphrase) When you do get attacked by those blinded by outrage it’s easy to feel insulted, feel like you’ve been attacked, and to make that person or group your enemy and “hate back!” It is perhaps better to “turn the other cheek”.

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“Ideologies are Low-Resolution Representations”

— Jordan Peterson

I just listened to a really wonderful podcast conversation between Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson. I really liked Peterson’s metaphor for how ideologies are like low-resolution ideas, and this concept made an impression on me because of my background in graphic design. More importantly, it gave me a better understanding of what I’m attempting to do in this blog, which is to take a broad brush, paint some quick strokes, and then start filling in the details as best I can in order to make a high-resolution picture of an issue. Continue reading ““Ideologies are Low-Resolution Representations””