Abroad in Ireland (Part 3) — Week in County Clare

For Spring break a lot of my college friends made plans to go on fancy trips to mainland Europe, but knowing there was still plenty to see in Ireland, I decided to take a tour of County Clare. I booked a week-long stay at a hostel in Sixmilebridge, and to get there, I needed to make a lot of transfers. I took a train from Derry, to Belfast, then to Dublin, and finally a bus to Sixmilebridge. I think I could have maybe taken a bus with fewer transfers, but it would have taken a lot longer, and Irish roads + double-decker bus = nauseating. Lots of swaying and jerking around. Travelling by train was much more comfortable. Continue reading “Abroad in Ireland (Part 3) — Week in County Clare”

Abroad in Ireland (Part 2) — Weekend in Cork

It’s drenched in mystery and you feel like a fairy might peep out behind a rock at any moment.

I went down to Cork to retrieve my harp from Brendan the harpmaker. He had waited for too long to bring it to me in Derry, so I finally gave up hope of that. I thought since I’m going to make the trip all the way to the southern end of the country I may as well tour around and see some sights!

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