True Falsehoods

When I named this blog I didn’t realize that I was actually using a philosophical concept that began with Plato. I just liked paradoxes in general and thought I was being clever. So when I googled the name of my blog, I discovered that I’d inadvertently stumbled upon something: Plato’s Lie in the Soul. And it’s amazing. Continue reading “True Falsehoods”

Cliff Notes on Genesis (From an Atheist)

“Let there be light.”

This is the first post in my attempt to read the entire Bible. It might be my last. I’m not being dramatic, I’m just kind of ADHD when it comes to writing. I’ll probably get bored and do something else for a really long time and then finally do another book. Expectations, people: I’m managing them. Continue reading “Cliff Notes on Genesis (From an Atheist)”