Pearls of Wisdom? …or Hopeless Mess?

I like wisdom, and I like to collect pieces of it. I try to collect them and string them together here in this blog, but I think it’s more like a jumbled mess of a jewelry box.

Another stream of consciousness exercise. Let’s see what comes out. Don’t expect anything earth-shattering, here. Six random words: enter brother pearl disintegration destiny great. Continue reading “Pearls of Wisdom? …or Hopeless Mess?”

Grandma & Grandpa D (My Mom’s Parents)

Elegance, movies, melted butter, Smarties, and love.

For most of my childhood, going to Grandma and Grandpa D’s house felt like a long trip, but in actuality it was probably much shorter drive than getting to my other Grandparent’s house. They actually lived in the city I was born in. My mom and dad met and married here too. It’s a small town, but it had its perks. My favorite was the huge municipal swimming pool where I spent many fun hours playing with my cousins. Continue reading “Grandma & Grandpa D (My Mom’s Parents)”

1988 – Age 3

This is a photo gallery of images of my life at age three. As I’ve been looking through some of these, I don’t have many concrete memories of specific things that we did, but I do have thoughts or impressions. I thought I’d share some of my favorites for you. I think subjects are going to jump around quite a bit, so I’ll separate with a line between each. Continue reading “1988 – Age 3”