Who is Satan?

Should he be considered a hero like Prometheus?

I was reading an article on a Humanist website about the defiance of god, and in this article, satan was compared to Prometheus, a beloved character in Greek mythology. Prometheus was the one who dared to steal fire from the gods, and he was admired for his defiance. This concept of defiance as an act of heroism is extremely unusual, and does not manifest itself in any of the major religions today (that I know of).

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Cliff Notes on Genesis (From an Atheist)

“Let there be light.”

This is the first post in my attempt to read the entire Bible. It might be my last. I’m not being dramatic, I’m just kind of ADHD when it comes to writing. I’ll probably get bored and do something else for a really long time and then finally do another book. Expectations, people: I’m managing them. Continue reading “Cliff Notes on Genesis (From an Atheist)”

List of Books in the Bible

I want to read all the books of the bible, but with my new-found perspective.

When I was a Christian, I always wanted to officially have read the entire Bible. I’ve yet to complete this task, and now I’m an atheist. I still want to read all the books though, but with my new-found perspective. I thought I might go through each book and write some of the cliff notes in my diary.

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