1200-Calorie Menu | Week 21

Features: Chocolate Banana Yogurt, Pizza Wraps, Ham and Cream Cheese Pickle Wraps, Strawberry Brown Sugar Yogurt

This is a continuation of my 52-Weeks of 1200-Calorie Menus. This week’s menu is 960 Calories every day, which is too low. I think I might have miscalculated my foods because it didn’t feel like so few calories. I’ll use this menu again and come back to this post and adjust it slightly if I need to. This one might be my favorite yet. The banana yogurt was creamy and savory. The pizza wrap fulfilled my desperate craving for pizza. And the pickle-cream-cheese with ham wraps make a fantastic snack. See within for a grocery list, preparation, recipes, and macros. Continue reading “1200-Calorie Menu | Week 21”