“Ideologies are Low-Resolution Representations”

— Jordan Peterson

I just listened to a really wonderful podcast conversation between Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson. I really liked Peterson’s metaphor for how ideologies are like low-resolution ideas, and this concept made an impression on me because of my background in graphic design. More importantly, it gave me a better understanding of what I’m attempting to do in this blog, which is to take a broad brush, paint some quick strokes, and then start filling in the details as best I can in order to make a high-resolution picture of an issue. Continue reading ““Ideologies are Low-Resolution Representations””

Garage Logic, the Podcast

“Sifting through the nuts and bolts of life.”

I listen to a lot of podcasts, but there’s one radio show that I listen to every day. It’s a local Minnesota show, and I find myself agreeing with the common sense approach of the host. He sometimes says something interesting that I want to remember and I’ll update this article with some of the show’s takeaways. Keep in mind I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, but I enjoy hearing his perspective.

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Never Ask “Why”

—Chris Voss

Limit discourse to “how” and “what” and sometimes “why” questions. I’d say probably rarely “why”, because anytime I ask you “why”, it’s an accusation. People never ask anybody “why?” unless they think you’re wrong. “Why do you want that?” or “Why did you do what you did?” Change your “why” to “what”. “What made you want that?” or “What caused you to do what you did?” Why is always an accusation, and unless you very carefully calculate for it, you don’t want the defensiveness it’s going to create. Continue reading “Never Ask “Why””

My Favorite Websites

Looking for something fun to do on the web? Enjoy a collection of my favorite sites for reading, thinking, listening, and chatting. Subjects include debate, philosophy, logic, and art. Go forth and educate yourself.

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