Hans in Luck | The Brothers Grimm

I like fairy tales, and a lot of good ones are not only in the public domain, but useful teaching aids as well. …although some of them teach a somewhat dark lesson… As a continuation of my “Secular Lessons” I’ll read some random fairy tales and copy-paste them on my blog. I’ll read them to my kid when he’s older.

Human speech is about 160 words per minute, and with that figure, I’ll post at the beginning of the stories how many minutes it might take to read it out loud to your kid. At the end of the story, I’ll post some questions I can think of (and maybe offer a few potential answers of my own), and if I happen to think of a fun activity to help further illustrate the story, I’ll also leave that as well.

Okay, here we go–the first fairy tale is from the Brothers Grimm, “Hans in Luck” Continue reading “Hans in Luck | The Brothers Grimm”

The Essence of Christianity

The divine trinity in man is the unity of reason, love, will. To will, to love, to think, are the highest powers, and the basis of mankind’s existence.

A friend of mine recommended a book that was influential in his path to atheism, The Essence of Christianity. This is a book that can be found for free in the public domain.

I pick it up and read it now and then, and leave some of my takeaways here. Continue reading “The Essence of Christianity”