1200-Calorie Menu | Week 22

Featured: Carrot Cake Yogurt, Meatless Hardshell Taco, Bacon-Fried Brussels Sprouts

This is a continuation of my 52-Weeks of 1200-Calorie Menus. This week’s menu is 1198 Calories every day. I think I might have miscalculated my foods because it didn’t feel like so many calories. I’ll use this menu again and come back to this post and adjust it slightly if I need to. The Carrot Cake yogurt had amazing flavor, both complex and crunchy. This was the first time I’ve made meatless tacos, and I’m surprised by how good they are! And wow! The Bacon-fried Brussels sprouts was so filling and packed with bacony good flavor. See within for a grocery list, preparation, recipes, and macros. Continue reading “1200-Calorie Menu | Week 22”