My Voyage to Atheism

A story about family, friends, indoctrination, mentorship, pursuit of truth, humanism & atheism.

I grew up in the Churches of Christ. Here’s the story on how I grew up in Christ and then lost my faith in God. Compelling or not, it is what it is. It’s a long story, as voyages often are.

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2005 – Age 20

“Bless this house and all within.”

November of 2005 was when I joined Facebook, so the milestones are probably a little better documented from here on out. I am actually going through the process of deleting some of my older posts. I figure that 1) Facebook isn’t going to be around forever, and 2) the individual posts don’t really matter, and it might be better to just document the general “shape” of each year here. Continue reading “2005 – Age 20”