1993 — Age 8

I had a “boyfriend” in second grade. His name was Blair.

This year I started 2nd grade.

My teacher was Mrs. L. Mrs. L went down in history as my favorite elementary teacher. She was younger, I guess in her mid-twenties. I always thought of her as very beautiful. I remember once she had me out in the hallway, I think she was giving me a stern talking-to. Continue reading “1993 — Age 8”

1988 – Age 3

This is a photo gallery of images of my life at age three. As I’ve been looking through some of these, I don’t have many concrete memories of specific things that we did, but I do have thoughts or impressions. I thought I’d share some of my favorites for you. I think subjects are going to jump around quite a bit, so I’ll separate with a line between each. Continue reading “1988 – Age 3”